What Should We Pay Attention To While Moving Heavy Items?

What Should We Pay Attention To While Moving Heavy Items
What Should We Pay Attention To While Moving Heavy Items

Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program Head Prof. Dr. Deniz Demirci drew attention to the importance of spine health and conveyed what should be considered when lifting heavy objects.

prof. Dr. Deniz Demirci said that technique is very important when lifting loads, and she recommends using the legs instead of the upper part of the body while lifting the goods, and using shoulder bags that distribute the load evenly instead of arm bags. He also stresses that risky behaviors such as bending over and lifting the load by rotating the spine and keeping the legs straight should be avoided.

Demirci stated that the spine provides structural support for the body, protection for the central nervous system and facilitates movement.

Demirci said, “Simply put, every movement originates from the spine. We can say that spinal health is extremely important for everyone, from athletes to sedentary individuals. Without a healthy spine, daily tasks and movements such as sitting upright, bending over, picking up objects, walking, bending and moving the neck can become extremely difficult or painful. When the spine is injured, limited mobility can be expected, and the inability to move normally without pain can reduce quality of life. That's why it's important to care about spinal health and understand its role in quality of life." said.

prof. Dr. Deniz Demirci listed the three main functions of the spine as follows:

“To protect the spinal cord and related nerve roots,

The nervous system uses the spinal cord to transmit electrical impulses. Pressure, touch, cold, heat, pain, and sensory information from the skin, muscles, joints, and internal organs are all carried through the spinal cord. A damaged spinal cord can interrupt neural responses, disabling sensation in certain parts of the body.

Provide structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture.

To enable flexible movement.

Saying that a correct technique should be used when lifting heavy objects, Dr. Deniz Demirci made the following statement:

“There can be damage to the spine if the lifting technique is incorrect. If the item is too heavy, help should be sought and not attempt to lift it alone. To lift properly, stand as close to the object as possible and use the legs and knees to lift the object, rather than the back and upper body. Posture is essential when carrying a load. Knowing optimal posture and how to maintain it will help prevent injuries by keeping the right muscles working.”

Demirci said, “In optimal stance; chin back, shoulders back and relaxed, natural curves of spine preserved, pelvis in neutral position (not forward or backward bent), knees very slightly bent, both feet straight and toes pointed. he said.

Stating that lifting and carrying a waist-high load is easier than lifting and carrying the load on the ground, Prof. Dr. Deniz Demirci said that increasing the height of the object to be transported is an ergonomic solution and listed the points to be considered when lifting heavy objects as follows:

  • The feet should be at a certain distance,
  • The load to be lifted should be kept close to the body,
  • It is necessary to bend the hips and knees (like squats),
  • The load must be lifted using the legs and hips,
  • During the lifting and lowering phase, the back should be kept straight while maintaining the natural curves of the spine.
  • It is necessary to move in a controlled manner when lifting and lowering the load,
  • Lifting should be done by sharing the load equally on both sides of the body.

prof. Dr. Deniz Demirci shared the movements that should be avoided while lifting a heavy object from the ground as follows:

  • Lifting the load by rotating the spine,
  • exhibiting jerky movements,
  • Bending down to lift the load while keeping the legs straight, and
  • Carrying loads with one side of the body.

prof. Dr. Deniz Demirci said that maintaining an active lifestyle helps to reduce the risk of experiencing low back, neck and back pain and continued as follows:

“Optimal exercise; aerobic activity includes a tailored combination of abdominal and core core strengthening and stretching exercises. It would be helpful to get support from a physiotherapist in this regard. Doing stretching exercises to stay flexible also helps support joint function and range of motion. This in turn helps promote spinal health and reduce the overall risk of injury. Instead of waiting for the onset of pain to exercise and risking further injury, it would be beneficial to perform resistance exercise with lighter weights to increase the strength and endurance of weak upper back, neck and shoulder muscles. On the other hand, it is beneficial to maintain a healthy weight. A proper diet and exercise are the main ways to maintain a healthy weight.”

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