What are the Mobile Preferences of the Audiences in Turkey during the World Cup?

What are the Mobile Preferences of the Audiences in Turkey during the World Cup?
What are the Mobile Preferences of the Audiences in Turkey During the World Cup?

There are only a few days left until the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup, which football fans all over the world look forward to and become the sole focus every four years. For the tournament to be held in Qatar for the first time, not only football and sports fans, but also all spectators eagerly await who will be the new champion. With the first whistle blowing on November 20, the tournament will start with the match between the host Qatar and Ecuador, and the whole world will watch the struggle of 32 countries to be the best in the world. While the audience can't wait to watch the matches from different screens, brands are making plans on how to capture their target audience through certain channels.

Digital Turbine conducted the World Cup Research to understand and analyze the behavior and preferences of viewers in Turkey during the World Cup, as well as how brands can interact with consumers, and the results once again revealed the unstoppable power of mobile.

While 65% of the respondents stated that they will watch the World Cup on TV, the rate of those who say that they will follow the matches on their smart phones is 43%. Even though Turkey was unfortunately eliminated from the tournament, the audience is ready to experience the enthusiasm of global football. While 63% of the respondents said that they will follow the tournament from their home, not a few percent report that they will follow the tournament live from stadiums in Qatar. In addition, 31% of the respondents stated that they watch a few sports broadcasts a month in general, proving once again that football is the most popular sport in Turkey.

We can say that the applications that we frequently use on our mobile devices are taking a different form in this period compared to the process we are in. While 78% of the respondents stated that they spend more time in sports applications during World Cup and similar tournaments, the majority of users say that they use sports applications before or after the match.

In terms of applications, 31% of the participants stated that they would spend most of their time in social media applications while watching the World Cup, 28% more often in sports mobile game applications, 21% in sports news applications and 13% in messaging applications. He says he will pass. In addition, the fact that 78% of users state that it is important to follow the World Cup from more than one device is one of the most important data of the research.

During such a large and global tournament, it is more important than ever for brands to capture their target audience. While 74% of the respondents stated that they would pay attention to the advertisement that appeared during the World Cup and would even watch it again, 71% stated that they would consider purchasing the product they saw the advertisement. 66% of them say that they can buy the product within 2-3 days after seeing the advertisement.

One of the most important issues that brands should pay attention to here is to meet the expectations of users from advertisements. 56% of respondents think it's important that the ads they see during the World Cup feature a funny and famous person.

As a result, the research seems to be creating huge targeting options for advertisers and brands of the World Cup era on mobile channels, which could also increase their product sales or brand awareness. If the ad is funny and creative, it raises viewers' interest in a product they've seen advertised and brings them closer to purchase.

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