'We Are Also In' in 'Barrier-Free Transportation and Communication' Studies

We Are Also Available in Barrier-Free Transportation and Communication Studies
'We Are Also In' in 'Barrier-Free Transportation and Communication' Studies

TCDD Transportation General Manager Ufuk Yalçın attended the meeting themed "Accessible Transportation and Communication" held in Marmaris by the Turkish Federation of the Disabled, by remote access as a speaker.

General Manager Yalçın: “If I do it at the point of directing one's own life, what will the society say, the new custom for the old village, do you know better than anyone else, etc.? he clings to his comfort zone by blinding his vision with excuses, frankly, with the obstacles he puts into himself. He begins not to see his surroundings, moves away from sensitivities, and is deprived of his ability to empathize. In my opinion, this is the biggest obstacle. When we take this idea out of the individual and move it to the institutional level, the problem will become much bigger and a social collapse will begin.” he said.

“As the TCDD Tasimacilik family, I would like to emphasize that we act with an awareness that will never allow this.” Yalçın said, “As the institution that serves the highest number of friends with special needs among all transportation systems, TCDD Transportation has taken every precaution to enable our citizens to use their right to travel, within the scope of the "Barrier-Free Transportation and Communication" studies initiated under the leadership of our President and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Thanks to these measures we have implemented, our citizens with special needs can now easily buy tickets from our staff who know sign language, at the special box offices at our stations and stations, from our website and mobile application designed for the access of our citizens. traveling.” said.

On YHT journeys, from the "Audio Book" application to the guide texts created with the "Braille Alphabet"; General Manager Ufuk Yalçın, who said that he could benefit from many comforts from specially designed washbasins (wc's) to wheelchair binding areas, said, “Besides many other measures we have implemented; We also serve our nation with our nearly 250 special friends in our General Directorate. These friends, with their support, complete our deficiencies and increase our intellectual wealth. The beautiful people I see in front of me, as I said on the first day I started working at TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş., have embraced our motto "Despite everything, there is no excuse" and they are walking confidently towards the future by removing obstacles..." He emphasized the value of the importance given to people.

“Always by the side of you railwaymen, we have embraced the service to our people on the railways built all over our country with the motto of service to God and I hope we will carry it to future generations.” Yalçın said, “On behalf of the TCDD Transportation family of approximately 11 thousand people, we say 'We are here too' for our citizens with special needs to benefit from comfortable and convenient transportation rights. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the managers and members of the Turkish Federation for the Disabled, who have been instrumental in understanding each other by empathizing in every moment of life, and who have always managed to keep our friends with special needs on the agenda by organizing this organization; I convey my greetings to my big-hearted brothers who are burning with the love of the country and know no barriers.” He finished his speech with his words.

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