Turkey's Largest 'Disabled Child Day Care Center' Opened to Service

Turkey's Largest Non-Disabled Child Day Care Center Opened
Turkey's Largest 'Disabled Child Day Care Center' Opened to Service

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality opened the "Disabled Child Day Care Center", where children with visual, hearing and orthopedic needs and children aged 3-6 with normal development will receive education together.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, ABB President Mansur Yavaş said, "We will continue to work with all our strength to stand by our disabled citizens and to create a barrier-free city."

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality opened Turkey's largest “Disabled Child Day Care Center” to the service of the citizens of the Capital, in line with the understanding of 'An Accessible Capital'.

The opening, hosted by ABB President Mansur Yavaş, was attended by ABB bureaucrats, council members, students studying in the day care center, their parents, and citizens.

At the opening ceremony, the students of the “Disabled Child Day Care Center” performed the show they prepared for the 29 October Republic Day.


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who started his opening speech with the emphasis on a barrier-free city, said, “As we promised before the elections, we have focused on projects that prioritize the essential needs of our people since the day we took office. We worked and produced by giving an account of every penny in our municipality's coffers. We kept the halal money of our citizens away from idle works and concrete municipality garbage projects.”

In this process, Yavaş continued his explanations by saying, “We have implemented many projects for our disabled citizens as well” and continued as follows:

“We opened our 'Children with Special Needs Break Houses' in Sincan and Anıttepe. While we host 800 puppies in these safe and free facilities every month, we aim to allow families with special children to have time for themselves. We have repaired more than 2 battery powered and wheelchairs free of charge in 800 years through the Wheelchair and Maintenance Repair Workshop, which we have implemented to make the lives of our disabled citizens easier. We broke new ground in Ankara by establishing 28 charging stations at international standards in our 36 parks. In the presence of a notary public, we continue to distribute the handicapped bagel glass, which is known to have been distributed with various shaibes before, with fairness. In our sports clubs, we train our disabled athletes and also share in their international success. We organize free swimming courses with special techniques and methods, and we stand by our hearing-impaired puppies.”


Noting that they have completed the biggest barrier-free day care center in Turkey, ABB President Yavaş said, “Our project includes a barrier-free playground, agricultural area, large courtyard and amphitheater. Our puppies aged 3-6 years old with visual, hearing and orthopedic needs will be trained together with their normally developing peers. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we are very happy to lead the education model suggested by all experts in this field and to bring this 5 square meter project to Ankara and our country.

Continuing his statements by saying, “We will continue to work with all our strength to be with our disabled citizens and to create a barrier-free city in the next process,” Yavaş thanked the managers and employees of PORTAŞ, one of the ABB subsidiaries, as well as his colleagues in the ABB Social Services Department for their efforts.

At the end of his slow speech; Drawing attention to the importance of October 29 Republic Day, he stated that they will continue to celebrate the 99th anniversary with enthusiasm.


Built on an area of ​​5 square meters in order to bring disabled children living in the capital into social life, to raise awareness in the society and to play on equal terms with their peers, the "Accessible Child Day Nursing Home" is Turkey's largest handicap-free childcare center.

From the nursing home in Çayyolu Mahallesi; Children with visual, hearing and orthopedic needs and children with normal development will benefit. Children who will benefit from the nursing home will also be provided with free shuttle service.

In smart building; There are amphitheater with a capacity of approximately 200 people to host meetings and performances, 65 classrooms of 9 square meters, 2 multi-purpose halls, playgrounds, green terrace with planting area, bicycle parks. While early childhood education is given to children with hearing, visual and physical disabilities between the ages of 36-72 months, reverse inclusive education is applied with children of the same age in addition to this education.


As an environmentally friendly project with its green and smart building features, the facility, which is an example both in Turkey and throughout Europe, will meet 25 percent of the energy with solar energy panels. In addition, the plant areas will be irrigated with rain water with the rain water storage system.


A love for animals is also instilled in children thanks to the 5 cats with vision, hearing and orthopedic disabilities, named Cici, Dobi, Bal, Karaböcük and Şeker, who live in the “Disabled Child Day Care Center”.

Every day in the sports field, children do sports with a physiotherapist, and they take gymnastics training 3 days a week. Cinema days are organized in the facility, where there is no television or any screen, and children watch the images they need to watch through the cine-vision. In addition, training sessions are provided for the families of students with special needs with expert staff in the training hall.

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