Building at Risk of Earthquake Demolished in Beşiktaş

Building at Risk of Earthquake in Besiktas Destroyed
Building at Risk of Earthquake Demolished in Beşiktaş

Within the scope of the 'Single Building Transformation' project initiated by KİPTAŞ for the first time in the history of the institution. KadıköyAfter , a building at risk of earthquake was demolished in Beşiktaş. Ali Kurt, General Manager of KİPTAŞ, which renews the buildings that are not earthquake resistant under the most suitable conditions, called for our citizens who think that they live in a risky building, to apply to the Istanbul Renewal platform.

KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), is renovating old buildings that are not earthquake resistant. Contrary to urban transformation projects made on the basis of a neighborhood, site or street, buildings built before 1999, which are not earthquake resistant, are transformed in a time not exceeding 1 year, under the most favorable conditions and at a cost. IMM Urbanism Group companies; Founded by KİPTAŞ, İstanbul İmar AŞ and BİMTAŞ, the first of the only building transformation project with “İstanbul Renewing” Kadıköywas carried out in. Yesterday, action was taken to transform the only building in Beşiktaş Dikilitaş District. Eren Apartment Building, which was built in 1985, was demolished after the reconciliation and eviction processes were completed, following the application made by the beneficiaries to the internet address "". The images that emerged during the controlled demolition of the construction equipment revealed that the building would not be able to stand in a possible earthquake.

7 thousand 29 APPLICATIONS

While the Istanbul Renewing platform has been met with great interest since the day it was opened, 39 thousand 7 applications for transformation have been received from 26 districts of Istanbul so far. 68 percent of these applications consist of single structures. KİPTAŞ receives a single building conversion request from many cities besides Istanbul. For those who want to renovate their risky buildings in Istanbul, which has a stock of approximately 600 thousand problematic buildings, KİPTAŞ is in talks with banks to provide financial advantage. By providing surety, efforts are made to ensure that beneficiaries borrow money with a long-term payment plan at as low interest rates as possible.


KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt, who participated in the demolition of Eren Apartment, said that the transformation of unstable structures is a necessity for a possible earthquake. “We are carrying out our activities very actively within the scope of Istanbul is Renewing,” said Kurt, “No company of our scale is so concerned about the renovation of single buildings. We are happy to evacuate people from these risky structures before a possible disaster in every building we demolished. Here we are in a building in the center of the city and there is hardly any iron reinforcement. The roads are narrow, we may not even be able to go to rescue people from the rubble in case of a possible disaster. Istanbul has such a structural fragility. That's why we worry a lot about this issue," he said.


Calling the people of Istanbul who think that they live in a risky structure, Kurt said, “If you think you live in a risky structure, come and apply to the Istanbul Renewal platform. Reconcile, let's renew your structure at cost. There are 89 different points where we have reached this stage so far. We will continue with this determination until we evacuate the last risky building in Istanbul. We plan to complete these single structures in 8-9 months and deliver them to our citizens.” Stating that they received applications from 964 of 626 neighborhoods in Istanbul, Kurt said, “Applications are 153 on an independent unit basis, and the number of our citizens living here is approximately 410 thousand 560. We received applications from all of our 692 districts. 39 percent of the applications received so far are a single structure. Here we see that thousands of people think that they live in a risky structure. We want to evacuate risky structures before a possible earthquake and ensure life safety. We call on the contractor companies to be a stakeholder in this," he said.


Istanbul residents who want to apply to the Istanbul Renewal platform, which was established to transform buildings at risk of earthquakes, must become a member of the website "". In the application criteria, there are conditions for the parcel to be in private ownership and for these structures to be built before 1999. After the application, the renewal process takes place in 3 stages as "Application, Offer and Reconciliation" respectively.

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