Republic Day Celebration in 50 Languages ​​from IGA Istanbul Airport

Republic Day Celebration in Language from IGA Istanbul Airport
Republic Day Celebration in 50 Languages ​​from IGA Istanbul Airport

At İGA Istanbul Airport, 29 October Republic Day was celebrated with enthusiasm with events held at the terminal. While the commercial titled #CumhuriyetAnonsu, prepared specially for the 99th Anniversary of the Republic Day, was broadcast, the congratulatory message translated into 50 different languages ​​was announced at the terminal throughout the day.

IGA Istanbul Airport, one of the world's most important global transfer centers and busiest airports, started to broadcast its commercial film for the 99th anniversary of the Republic on digital-social media channels as of October 4, on its 28th birthday. The commercial film, signed by Digimeb, was broadcast under the hashtag #CumhuriyetAnonsu.​

In the commercial, the emphasis was placed on October 28, 1923, that is, one day before the proclamation of the Republic. “Exactly 99 years ago, on October 28, an announcement was made. The Republic was born with this announcement. Is there a more special announcement in the world than this?” sentences included. The message “Happy Turkey's Republic Day”, translated into 50 languages ​​throughout the day, echoed at the İGA Istanbul Airport terminal.

İGA Istanbul Airport welcomed 29 October with enthusiasm

In addition, on Saturday, October 29, IGA Istanbul Airport hosted the Republic Day special program. While a 35-member music group called the Symphonic Project (IGABAND) and the Marmara Flute Orchestra & Soloists Parade presents a musical performance worthy of the spirit of the holiday; Yasin Ark and DJ performance also gave IGA Istanbul Airport guests a pleasant time.

In addition, the 99th anniversary of the Republic and the 4th birthday of IGA were celebrated at IGA Istanbul Airport, while young people wearing period clothes on domestic and international flights were handing out the Turkish flag and Cumhuriyet newspaper with basket bikes.

To watch the commercial, IGA's YouTube account you can follow.

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