Rice Purchase Prices Increased by 1000 Lira Per Ton

Celtic Purchase Prices Increased by Lira Per Ton
Rice Purchase Prices Increased by 1000 Lira Per Ton

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci attended the harvest event organized by the Edirne Governorship on the İpsala Plain, where Turkey's largest rice production is made, by telephone.

Minister Kirişci stated that TMO's paddy purchase prices were increased by 1000 liras per ton for all varieties, considering the developing market conditions, and that the purchase prices for the 2022 period are 16 thousand liras for baldo group paddy, 14 thousand 500 liras for Osmancık type rice, 13 thousand liras for luna group rice. announced that it was determined as 500 lira.

Greeting the farmers, Minister Kirişci said that there was a fruitful harvest season all over Turkey.

Kirişci stated that the agricultural sector has achieved a new success story thanks to the foresight and effort of the farmers, while other countries are experiencing crisis after crisis in food, “As long as you produce, we will continue to stand by you with all our strength.” said.


Reminding that TMO's 2022 paddy purchase prices were announced on 13 September, Kirişci said that compared to the previous year, 173 thousand liras per ton for baldo paddy with an increase of 15 percent, 200 thousand 13 liras for Osmancık variety with an increase of 500 percent, and 213 percent for luna variety. He stated that a price of 12 thousand 500 liras was given with an increase and this made the farmer happy.

Indicating that he wanted to give good news to the farmers, Kirişci said that the purchase prices were increased. Minister Kirişci said:

“Taking into account the developing market conditions, we increase paddy prices by 1000 liras per ton for each variety. Accordingly, TMO purchase prices were increased to 16 thousand liras for baldo variety, 14 thousand 500 liras for Osmancık variety, and 13 thousand 500 liras for luna variety. Our manufacturers who have delivered products to TMO so far will also benefit from this price difference. Good luck to all our paddy producers with our updated purchase prices.

We are ready to take all kinds of measures in the future, just like the steps we have taken in the last 20 years, so that your efforts are not wasted. Today, everyone sees better how the licensed warehousing reform that we have brought to our legislation and industry is a correct one. At this point, I would like to remind you that a licensed warehouse with a capacity of 25 thousand tons is operating to serve our paddy producers in the İpsala district of Edirne. TMO, which has been the biggest assurance of our farmers for 84 years, will purchase paddy both in our own centers and in licensed warehouses.”

Kirişci stated that Turkey is one of the leading agricultural countries in the world and ranks first in Europe in terms of agricultural output, adding that this success is the success of the farmer.

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