New Technologies to Make Employees Happy for Hybrid Working Models from HP

New Technologies from HP for Hybrid Work Models to Make Employees Happy
New Technologies to Make Employees Happy for Hybrid Working Models from HP

HP introduced its devices and solutions designed for users to work happily wherever they want. The products exhibited by HP include many devices from printers to corporate computers and accessories. In addition to these products that will add productivity to the employees, HP also unveils gaming computers and aims to provide a unique hybrid experience to users in Turkey with these technologies.

To be successful in today's hybrid working world, organizations need to adapt quickly and stay agile. Therefore, it is important that hybrid working strategies include technology, devices, solutions and services that will support the work of individuals and teams working in different locations in harmony. Organizations that work with the goal of better collaboration, greater productivity and flexibility can gain a competitive advantage. This is where HP's devices, solutions and expertise come into play, making it possible for individuals to work happily and preparing the workforce and organizations to be successful in the hybrid working world.

Nearly 10 out of 8 employees prefer hybrid work

Research shows that employees are happy with hybrid work, which enables them to add efficiency to both themselves and their organizations thanks to the flexibility they have gained. According to HP's Future of Work Research, 60 percent of employees say they want flexibility in where and when they work. 77 percent, that is, almost 10 out of every 8 employees, prefer the hybrid working model. According to the “Agenda of Human Resources Leaders” report announced by PwC, 94% of HR managers in Turkey support the hybrid working model, 76% support remote working methods and 71% support flexible working hours and schedules.

HP helps companies achieve their goals in five areas with its hybrid vision

In line with the emerging new trend, companies attach more importance to hybrid work day by day. HP also helps companies and employees do their jobs “happily” by catching these trends with its products built on its hybrid vision:

Bringing teams together: HP offers products to help teams connect, stay connected and collaborate, whether together or separately. Premium laptops powered by HP Presence Thanks to the HP EliteBook Series, a person who works independently of location can communicate with other friends who are connected from different places and from a distance, as if they were in the same room.

Increases productivity: HP also increases the productivity of its employees with its technologies that enable efficient working from anywhere. However, productivity requires knowing the needs of each employee in their role and correctly matching the equipment with the employee remotely or in the field. HP also offers devices and solutions for this purpose. Tackling the heaviest workloads with laptops, desktops, displays and solutions becomes easy with high-performance Z by HP Workstations, complete with hardware and software to empower the remote workforce. The new HP Z series boosts productivity by giving today's workers unlimited creative power. And HP Elite PCs provide the power and performance to keep workers productive wherever they are.

Provides security: According to a study by HP, 99 percent of malware breaches occur with a user click. Taking this fact into account, HP helps protect employees and their businesses against cyber attacks with its security architecture that it strengthens with a zero-trust approach in the entire technology ecosystem. HP Wolf Security provides comprehensive endpoint protection and flexibility, starting at the hardware level and extending to software and services.

Offers flexibility: A hybrid layout needs to provide a better employee experience by having the flexibility to work from anywhere. The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 facilitates the lives of employees who need to be mobile with its easy portability and gives employees flexibility. At under 1kg, the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 features a 13.5″ clamshell design as well as a 3:2 wider display to keep users productive. Developed with HP Presence, the Elite Dragonfly is an exceptional collaboration experience with Audio by Bang & Olufsen, and four separate amplifiers work together to create powerful sound. AI-based noise reduction (2.0) enriches sounds so that people can be heard even when wearing masks.

Adds sustainability: Sustainability means working smart while protecting the planet. Committed to protecting the planet for generations to come, HP helps reduce environmental impacts throughout the value chain. That's why all HP brand paper and paper-based packaging for home and office printers and supplies, PCs and displays comes from recycled or certified sources. HP produces more energy efficient, low carbon, high recycled content, long life and recyclable products to protect the planet, and since 2020, 95 percent of its products have been using recycled materials.

“We support hybrid work with our products, solutions and services”

Speaking at the press conference, HP Turkey General Manager Emre Alaman said, “Although it is impossible to predict the next seismic changes, companies with flexibility will feel more confident in tackling the challenges that may arise in the future. At HP, we believe that the technology industry plays a critical role in facilitating the transition to a hybrid work culture in the business world; We support this hybrid working model with the technology, products and services we have developed in line with our hybrid vision, and enable both companies and their employees to do their jobs happily. In this context, we are taking firm steps forward in our commitment to focus on people-centered and flexibility in the employee experience.” he said.

“It is necessary to redesign the working order with the power of technology”

Expressing that he believes that hybrid working will be one of the building blocks of the business world rather than being a temporary trend, Alaman said, “Employees who welcomed the revolution that started with remote working and continued with the hybrid working model proved their resilience and flexibility by maintaining their productivity wherever they work. The challenge now for IT and business leaders is to reimagine the work environment for today's world by harnessing the power of technology and empowering the workforce with new technology and solutions that help them work at their best, wherever and whenever. For this, companies need to blend technology, process and culture that will enable them to create a hybrid work system that works across all business units. At HP, we prepare companies and their workforce to be successful in a hybrid working world with our solutions and expertise.” said.

In his speech, Alaman also drew attention to the increased security risks due to hybrid working and summarized what companies should do in this regard as follows: “Whether together or separately, it is possible to work efficiently and productively by using the right technology to help teams connect, stay connected and collaborate. While doing these, it is also very critical to choose products that provide cyber security. As HP, we attach great importance to safety criteria in all the products we offer for hybrid working order. Both employees and HR managers can use our products with peace of mind without worrying about security.”

HP Inc. is a technology company that believes a thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. A product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers and 3D printing solutions helps bring these ideas to life.

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