A New System Begins in Public Transportation in Eskişehir

A New System Begins in Public Transport in Eskisehir
A New System Begins in Public Transportation in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Administration (ESTRAM) made a statement about the new application that will start as of October 10, 2022, with the "Electronic Toll Collection System" infrastructure and the renewal of the devices.

ESTRAM, which has been serving for Eskişehir city with the light rail system since 2004 and has made many innovations, shared the details of the new system that will start as of Monday, October 10, 2022.

In the statement made by ESTRAM, the following views were given: “Dear fellow citizens, the infrastructure and devices of the Electronic Fare Collection System used in our trams and buses, which are preferred by tens of thousands of our citizens every day, have been renewed, and technological developments have been included in the system and accessibility has been made easier. Within the scope of the renewed system, as of October 10, 2022, the travel period will start with a single-use QR ticket or 2-3-4-5 boarding pass. In line with the demands of our guests coming from outside the city, the single-use ticket application has been included in our system as QR Ticket. QR tickets, which will be sold at our ESTRAM ticket offices and existing Eskart filling dealers, can be used for 24 hours and transfer will not be possible. Single use QR ticket price will be 10 TL. While there is no time limit for 2-3-4-5 boarding tickets, which we think will be preferred by our guests who do not use Eskart in public transportation, do not prefer public transportation frequently and come from outside the city, transfers are allowed by the system as much as the number of boarding passes. 2 boarding ticket price: 22 TL (2 transfers possible), 3 boarding ticket price: 33 TL (3 transfers possible), 4 boarding ticket price: 40 TL (4 transfers possible), 5 boarding ticket price: 50 TL (5 transfers possible) ) For details, you can contact us on 0222 237 63 64 or via info@eskisehir.bel.tr and send your requests, suggestions and complaints.”

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