Kemerburgaz Urban Forest Has Become a Socializing Area for Istanbulites

Kemerburgaz Urban Forest Has Become a Socializing Area for Istanbulites
Kemerburgaz Urban Forest Has Become a Socializing Area for Istanbulites

Kemerburgaz City Forest has turned into a breathing, entertainment and socializing area for Istanbulites since the day it was opened. The forest, where 3 million vehicles entered in 1 years, has a pleasant time for millions of visitors; offered the opportunity to meet with culture, art and sports activities. Kemerburgaz City Forest, which hosts 30 thousand people at the same time on busy days, continues to meet its guests with every shade of green for 365 days.

Kemerburgaz City Forest, which was put into service by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in October 2019, has turned into one of the frequent destinations of Istanbulites within 3 years. Walking paths, bicycle tracks, playgrounds, recreation areas and activities were loved by their guests. While approximately 1 million vehicles have entered the forest to date, millions of visitors have been hosted. On some days at the weekend, 30 thousand people from the forest at the same time met with activities where they can spend a pleasant day.


Kemerburgaz City Forest, which has a total area of ​​5,5 million square meters, offers this opportunity to those who want to have a picnic among the trees, by the stream or lake, and to those who want to jog or walk. On the other hand, those who wish can enjoy the activities in the forest. Sports trainings such as motocross, tennis, functional fitness, yoga, pilates, entertainment areas such as carousel, ice rink, adventure park and zipline, cafes and restaurants, electric family bike rental, play workshops for children, theatre, drama, painting, music and Unique experiences intertwined with nature are offered to Istanbulites with dance classes, concerts and festivals.

Kemerburgaz City Forest, which is open every day of the year, provides all its visitors with the opportunity to spend a fun-filled time in greenery with nearly 30 businesses and activities for all age groups.


Every year, thousands of mothers and children were hosted in Kemerburgaz City Forest. In 2022, in this context; A total of 13 trips were organized to Kemerburgaz City Forest from 22 districts of Istanbul. 750 people, 250 children and 1.000 parents, benefited from the activities free of charge.

In addition, special programs were organized within the scope of social responsibility. Children from Neighborhood Houses, Child Support Center and Child Protection Centers; Families from many districts were hosted in many activities including the adventure park, carousel and ice skating. Tennis training was given by providing tennis equipment, motocross training was given.


Kemerburgaz Urban Forest registered its success by receiving important awards with the work of IMM Park, Garden and Green Areas Department and the professional facility management of Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ. Orman won the Attraction Star Awards as the “Most Successful Large-Scale Municipal Park” at the 2020th Amusement and Recreation Awards in 7. In addition, this year it was deemed worthy of the “Green Key” award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world in the field of environmental management.


With the Kemerburgaz City Forest, the Mağlova Aqueduct, which was built by Mimar Sinan 460 years ago to deliver the Kırkçeşme Waterway System to Istanbul, was provided for the first time on foot. Considered a world wonder by experts in terms of architecture, engineering and aesthetics, and a masterpiece of world water architecture, the work has also been opened to the transportation of Istanbulites and those who come to the city from various countries of the world just to see this historical aqueduct.

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