Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Increase, Autogas Discounts Coming! What Will Be the New Prices?

Gasoline and Diesel Oil Increases, What Will Be the New Prices?
Gasoline and Diesel Coming Up! What Will Be the New Prices?

There will be a hike in gasoline and diesel fuel, and a discount on autogas tonight. The increase in oil prices and the dollar exchange rate brought a hike in fuel oil.

According to industry sources, there will be an increase of 62 cents for gasoline and 1 cents for diesel, effective as of midnight tonight.

There will be a 75 cent discount on the liter price of autogas. The liter price of autogas will decrease to approximately 10,20 TL in Istanbul. Autogas prices show significant differences between provinces, districts and dealers.

What Will Be the New Gasoline and Diesel Prices?

After the price hikes tonight, the liter price of gasoline will rise to approximately 19,86 TL in Istanbul, 19,99 TL in Ankara, and 19,98 TL in İzmir.

With the increase, the liter price of diesel will increase to approximately 24,17 TL in Istanbul, 24,28 TL in Ankara and 24,31 TL in İzmir.

A year ago, the liter price in Istanbul was 7,76 TL for gasoline and 7,27 TL for diesel. The one-year increase rate was 156 percent in gasoline and 233 percent in diesel.

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