Has TOKİ Land and Workplace Applications Started? How to Apply for TOKİ Land and Workplace, What are the Conditions?

TOKI Land and Work Place Applications Have Started How To Apply For TOKI Land What are the Terms and Conditions
Have TOKİ Land and Workplace Applications Started? How to Apply for TOKİ Land, What are the Conditions?

Within the scope of TOKİ social housing project, the application for land and workplace starts as of today. The electricity, water and stabilized road infrastructures have been completed, the zoning plan has been made and the application for 1 million plots and 10 thousand workplaces ready for construction will continue until 7 November. TOKİ workplace application can be made on e-Government and bank, TOKİ land application can only be made through Ziraat Bank.

In the TOKİ project, whose name is determined as "My First Home, My First Place of Work", applications for workplaces and land starts after housing applications. Within the scope of the campaign, applications will be received for 1 million plots and 10 thousand workplaces.


For those who want to start their own business, applications for workplaces will be made via e-Government and through the branches of Halk Bank in provincial centers and Ziraat Bank in districts. Citizens can apply for land only from Ziraat Bank.


The application fee was determined as 500 TL for the land and 2 thousand TL for the workplaces.

The application fee will be refunded to those who did not receive the original and spare land as a result of the notary drawing, and those who gave up on making use of the land allocation and did not appear in the reserve list. The application fee paid by those to whom land has been allocated will be included in the down payment.


Being a Turkish citizen and over the age of 18 are among the priority conditions for land and workplace applications.

Electricity, water and stabilized road infrastructures have been completed, a zoning plan has been prepared and ready for construction. In applications for 1 million lands, if the lands to be allocated are in any of the metropolitan central districts, there is a residence requirement within the borders of one of the central districts of that province, and within the boundaries of the municipality for which land allocation is foreseen in other municipalities.

Within the scope of the project, which will provide 50 thousand workplaces in total, those who will apply for 28 thousand workplaces in 10 provinces in the first place must be registered with the population of the province where the project is located or operating within the borders of that province.

Applicants for the workplace must have one of the documents showing the Mastery Certificate, Business Opening Certificate, Related Chamber Registration Certificate, Tax Plate, and e-Commerce nace code etc.

The monthly income of those who apply for TOKİ land should be below 16.000 TL.


1) 1/10 of the land allocation price will be paid in advance, and the rest will be paid in 9 years in equal monthly or annual installments and interest-free.

Installment payment date; After the down payment is paid, the borrowing date is 1 year after the contract signing date. The installments can be paid in 1 equal installments over 9 years in annual installments, or in monthly installments in 9 months, starting 108 year after the down payment is made. However, only one of the monthly or annual contract types will be preferred at the contract stage.

2- After the finalized land allocation, a notarized undertaking is taken in order to ensure that the allotment owner fulfills his obligations.

3- After the delivery of all documents such as down payment receipt, notarized undertaking, etc., after the bank contract, the transfer of title is done with mortgage and lien.

4-On the allocated detached lands; It is obligatory to start the housing construction within the first year from the land allocation date (if the infrastructure is completed), and to complete the core part in the second year.

When the applicants apply to the bank for joint (non-detached land allocation) immovables that are suitable for mass construction according to the zoning plans, they are deemed to have applied jointly with the other applicants for these immovables. After the lottery, the right holders in these immovables should also start to build their houses with their other partners in the same land due to their joint application within one year at the latest (if the infrastructure is completed) from the date of the title deed, and according to the pre-determined plan, the ground floor floor level for all blocks should be at the latest 2 They must be completed within the year.

Allocation owners accept and undertake in advance to comply with the specified construction conditions.
The lands allocated from those who do not comply with this condition, if there is a price paid, without the need for any provision, 10% will be deducted and the remaining amount will be returned and taken back.

5- All transactions made within the scope of İlk Evim Land Project are exempt from all kinds of taxes, duties and fees.

During the transfer of title deed, the revolving fund fee will be paid by the allotment owner.

6- In case the number of applications made for the land is more than the anticipated number of plots, the right holder will be determined with a backup equal to 20% more than the number of plots stipulated by the notary drawing.
After the zoning plans are approved and the zoning application is finalized and registered, the lands will be determined by a notary drawing among the determined right holders.
Notary drawing and other announcements http://www.toki.gov.tr It will be published on the internet address and no other announcements, announcements or notifications will be made.

7- Following the determination of the lands as a result of the zoning plan studies and the completion of the infrastructure works (electricity, water, sewerage), the construction period will begin.

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