Germany-based Construction Company Enters the Turkish Market

Germany-based Construction Company Enters the Turkish Market
Germany-based Construction Company Enters the Turkish Market

While there is a significant activity in the housing market, the construction sector, whose momentum has decreased due to the effect of the pandemic, is pursuing new searches in structures from design to production, from operation to use. While the interest in smart and sustainable buildings is increasing, Salih Sönmez, who has been living in Germany for 20 years; Einz A Group, which provides services in the fields of construction, real estate, import, export and project production, is preparing to bring its European working models to its country.

The continuous increase in the world population, urbanization and climate crisis trigger the green transformation of the construction sector. While the data published by Architecture indicates that 40 billion square meters will be added to the global building stock every month in the next 230 years, interest in sustainable buildings is increasing in the construction sector, which accounts for about half (47%) of global carbon emissions. According to IMSAD's Construction Sector Report 2021, there are only 518 green building certificates in Turkey, while Salih Sönmez, who has been living in Germany for 20 years, is preparing to bring European working models to his country. Salih Sönmez, announcing that he will enter the Turkish market with Einz A Home, the construction arm of Germany-based Einz A Group, which provides services in the fields of real estate, logistics, import, export and project production, aims to bring more solid and sustainable structures to his country.

Einz A Group Chairman of the Board Salih Sönmez, who said that they will bring a new urban construction model to Turkey, evaluated the issue with the following words: we give. By adding a new one to our work in these sectors every day, we are achieving success in different fields. We decided to take part in the Turkish market in our journey with the vision of globalizing our practices and working model. We aim to contribute to the country's economy and initiate a green building transformation in the long term by constructing more robust and sustainable structures with our activities in Turkey, which is leading to regional-based innovation with the increase of the urban population day by day.”

“There is a need to renovate 20-year-old buildings in Turkey!”

Stating that their projects will make them sustainable by improving the living spaces of people with their modern construction, original design and quality workmanship, Salih Sönmez explained his thoughts on the construction he observed in our country as follows: became. In this process, the ages of the buildings, which were demolished and rebuilt, change in the 20-25 band. The need for a building to be renewed in such a short time indicates that the workmanship in the buildings is also insufficient. As Einz A Group, which is based on quality and safety, we want to implement new building models that we will design ourselves in Turkey.”

They evaluate offers from the local market

Underlining that they will apply the construction models of the USA and Europe in the projects they will develop with German quality, Einz A Group Chairman of the Board Salih Sönmez said: We are getting offers. We are in the process of evaluating these offers. Of course, most of those who are interested in this business do it for commercial reasons. But we prioritize people's living in sustainable, safe and spacious areas. Moreover, we are not limited to working only in the field of construction, but together with our experienced team, we find the most suitable property for our customers in the project areas, and we provide consultancy services in areas such as import and export.”

They will establish a foundation with business people in Turkey and carry out social responsibility activities.

Stating that they aim to establish long-term cooperation with their customers in different fields in this process, Salih Sönmez shared the following information about other projects they will implement in Turkey: . At the foundation, we aim to focus on issues such as violence against women, animal rights and educational support for poor students. We are also meeting with leaders in European countries so that the activities we will implement in our foundation are not limited to our country. In this way, we will open branches in many parts of Europe and deliver the material and moral savings we have obtained from our works and campaigns to anyone who needs support, regardless of geography. With the ideas we will develop in the future, we will carry out many works not only for the building but also for the benefit of the society, just like in the foundation.”

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