Fire Notifications Are Now Much Easier With Emergency İzmir Mobile Application

Fire Notifications Are Much Easier With Urgent Izmir Mobile Application
Fire Notifications Are Now Much Easier With Emergency İzmir Mobile Application

After the big earthquake on October 30th, the Emergency Izmir mobile application developed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has expanded its scope with new features added. Users of the application will now be able to make fire alarms much faster with just a click of a button. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which developed the "Emergency Izmir" mobile application in order to communicate with those who are in a difficult situation after the October 30 earthquake, and to reach them by communicating with them, added fires to the disaster types covered by the application. Now there are "I Witnessed the Fire" and "I Was Exposed to the Fire" buttons in the application. The photo and location of the fire area can be shared with the Fire Brigade Department via the I Witnessed the Fire button. When the "I Exposed to the Fire" button is pressed, the location of the person who pressed is automatically shared with the fire department and the fire is quickly intervened.

How does Emergency Izmir work?

The Emergency İzmir mobile application, which was put into service by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in March 2021, can be used via smart phones.

  • The application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store platforms of smartphones.
  • Even when citizens cannot reach the phone after the earthquake, they can call from afar and share their calls for help and automatically share their location with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade officials with the "Find Me" command or the "I'm under the wreckage" button.
  • The application opens the "bluetooth" broadcast of the citizen under the rubble and transmits information such as signal strength and remaining battery level to the search and rescue teams.
  • By starting 17 Mhz audio broadcasting, it becomes easier for rescue teams to locate earthquake victims in their debris work activities. With a voice command to the citizens under the rubble, "Your position has been sent to the teams. Do not be afraid, we are very close to finding you” message is sent.
  • The caller can also convey the number of people with him to the search and rescue teams with the sound of a siren through the application in order to inform him of his place in the acoustic listening method.
  • With the “I am safe” button, citizens can send their location information to their relatives and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade officials in the trust rooms they have created before, and share the information that they are safe by message.

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