Real Fire Drill from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Real Fire Drill from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Real Fire Drill from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality conducted a fire drill at the service units in Kulturpark. In the exercise, in which 3 thousand personnel worked, the personnel were evacuated among the artificial fumes produced by fog machines.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Department Occupational Health and Safety Branch Directorate organized a fire drill in the service units in Kültürpark. The exercise started with the sound of sirens in the building, where artificial smoke was produced with fog machines.

In the exercise, first of all, the personnel in the building were taken out safely. Employees in the risk group, who are disabled, pregnant or chronically ill, also left the building in the presence of predetermined companions for emergencies. According to the scenario, some employees affected by the smoke were taken out on a stretcher by the paramedics of the Fire Brigade Department. The exercise ended with the firefighting teams responding to the fire as per the scenario.

“Made true”

Hatice Şagın, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Occupational Health and Safety Branch Manager, stated that they regularly conduct fire drills in order to take the necessary precautions and be prepared in case of a possible fire, and said, “This is the first fire drill we organized in our halls in Kültürpark. Our aim is to be useful to our employees, to inform them about what to do in an emergency. We completed our exercise without any problems and successfully. The exercise did not look for the truth," he said.

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