Digital Transformation in Izmir's Public Transport System

Digital Transformation in Izmir's Public Transport System
Digital Transformation in Izmir's Public Transport System

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has facilitated the city's public transportation system with the slogan of “Beautiful Izmir's smart card”. Now, passengers will be able to use public transportation vehicles with the application they can download free of charge to their phones without their Izmirim Card.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also reflected the possibilities of digital technology in the public transportation system. Now, passengers who download the Digital İzmirim Card application on their free mobile devices will be able to get on public transport by scanning the QR code on their devices.
The application, which was implemented with the slogan of “Beautiful Izmir's smart card”, was introduced to the press at a meeting held at the Historical Coal Gas Factory. The host of the meeting, hosted by the actor Mert Fırat, is the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç SoyerKaraburun Mayor İlkay Girgin Erdoğan, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Barış Karcı, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, managers of subsidiaries, heads of chambers, associations and unions.

Digital transformation with new app

The President started his speech by stating that İzmirim Kart is a companion used by 1 million 200 thousand people every day. Tunç Soyer, said that a new digital transformation has been achieved with the application. Stating that they have added a new payment facility developed for public transportation, President Soyer said, “We know that İzmir is Turkey's locomotive. And we know that that locomotive will carry us to a much better future. After September 9, there is a completely different kind of favor in İzmir. Not only within the borders of our country, but all over the world, İzmir is watched with envy and admiration. It's up to us to be proud of it. This study will also reveal results that will make the people of Izmir smile. Together, we will continue to expect better.”
Implementation İzmir Technology and Innovation Company (İZTEK) affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and ASİS Elektronik A.Ş. Developed by

What's in the Digital İzmirim Card?

Passengers can use the QR code and NFC application in the mobile application at all points where İzmirim Card is valid, from the Natural Life Park to BISIM, as well as on their bus, ferry, metro and ferry trips. The application also provides many conveniences such as loading balance on physical cards, viewing expenditure history, viewing transportation vehicles, getting directions, accessing line, departure times and stop information, and access to card centers and dealers. Debit cards and credit cards had been used in public transportation a while ago.

Izmir's ancient patterns are also on mobile phones

The application, which will take another step of the nature-friendly transportation policy, will reduce the use of plastic. Digital cards, one side of which extends to the future by using the latest technologies, also have a breeze from the past. The 8-year-old ancient Izmir patterns, reorganized by the Izmir Foundation, took their place in the digital world thanks to the mobile application, as well as areas such as public transportation vehicles and transportation cards.

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