Countdown Starts for 'Cappadocia Boostcamp' with Türk Telekom Prime

Countdown Has Started for 'Cappadocia Boostcamp' with Turk Telekom Prime
Countdown Starts for 'Cappadocia Boostcamp' with Türk Telekom Prime

Organized under the main sponsorship of Türk Telekom Prime, 'Cappadocia Boostcamp' is meeting with bicycle lovers. Within the scope of the event to be held on 6-9 October this year; Cyclists will have an exciting driving experience with the "gravel" bicycle route, which will take place on unpaved roads to be opened for the first time in Turkey. Athletes will also complete the Queen Stage by climbing Mount Erciyes in the unique nature of the region.

Organized with the support of Türk Telekom Prime, Türk Telekom's brand that offers privileged services, 'Cappadocia Boostcamp' brings together cycling enthusiasts around the world. The camp, which will be attended by many countries, will take place in the unique nature of the Cappadocia region on 6-9 October with the contributions of the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA).

Well-known athletes at Cappadocia Boostcamp…

The world's leading bicycle racers will participate in the Cappadocia Boostcamp, sponsored by Türk Telekom Prime. British Triathlon Federation L2 Coach Luke Mathews, Italian influencer and block writer Ginevra Gargantini, many championships and 'Yellow Jersey' owner Alberto Elli, world-renowned retired professional German cyclist Christoph Fingsten, and member of the "Fatpigeon" team, which explores and publishes world gravel routes, Loek Luijbregts will also be available at Boostcamp.

Turkey's first gravel bike route to be opened

Within the scope of Cappadocia Boostcamp, the gravel bike route will be opened for the first time in Turkey. While a breathtaking race awaits the athletes on the gravel bike route, which is held on unpaved roads, cyclists will have the chance to experience the ride among the fairy chimneys and watch the famous sunset of the Red Valley during the camp. Cappadocia Boostcamp will end with the 'Queen Stage', which will be held by climbing Mount Erciyes among the natural beauties of the region.

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