All your Scrap Dealer Needs are at with Current Scrap Prices!

All your Scrap Dealer Needs are on mertsanhurda com with Current Scrap Prices
All your Scrap Dealer Needs are at with Current Scrap Prices!

Junkman Looking for? Offering the scrap dealer service, which is frequently needed by businesses and individual consumers, with current scrap prices. Mertsan Scrap Mertsan Hurda (, operating as a scrap dealer in Istanbul, continues to improve its services. plant dismantling,second hand container purchase ve second hand sandwich panel purchasebrings consumers together with a reliable and transparent service.

It provides the recycling of many scraps, especially iron, copper, aluminum, chrome and cable scraps. Mertsan Scrap, also updated according to London Metal Exchange and exchange rate scrap prices offers. The scrap prices you can follow on are scrap iron prices, scrap copper prices, aluminum scrap price and other scrap metal prices.

Let's say that you can get support from all over Turkey for all "high tonnage" scrap with the scrap dealer company, which has a presence in many areas of recycling. Stating that the scrap industry should grow with the principle of transparency and institutionalism rather than unrealistic scrap prices and daily gains, Mertsan Scrap also emphasizes that Turkey should be one of the leading recycling countries.

All your Scrap Dealer Needs are on mertsanhurda com with Current Scrap Prices

Current scrap prices offered by Mertsan Scrap             

For iron, copper and aluminum published by Mertsan Hurda, the approximate scrap purchase prices As can be seen in the tables. Since the scrap purchase prices offered by the company may change instantly, you can follow all the current prices on the website. Let's also point out that the condition, quality and tonnage of your scrap may cause changes in the list prices.

Scrap Iron Prices            

DKP Scrap Price 6.40 TL
EXTRA Scrap Price 6.20 TL
PIK Casting Scrap Price 6.00 TL
Gathering Iron Price 6.00 TL
Iron Shavings Price 4.00 TL
Construction Demolition Scrap 6.20 TL

Scrap Copper Prices     

Peeling Copper Price 135,00 TL
Llama Copper Price 135,00 TL
Antigron Crushed Copper 135,00 TL
TTR Crushed Copper 135,00 TL
Copper Ingot Price 122,00 TL
Kirkambar Copper Price 121,00 TL
Scrap Copper Shavings 122,00 TL

Scrap Aluminum Prices 

Scrap Plate Aluminum Price 32,00 TL
Scrap Wire Aluminum Price 37,00 TL
Unpainted Profile Aluminum Price 32,00 TL
Stone Plate Aluminum Price 24,00 TL
Scrap Roof Aluminum Price 24,00 TL
Scrap Box Aluminum Price 19.00 TL
Hard Aluminum Price 22,00 TL
Hard Chip Aluminum Price 15,00 TL

All Scrap Dealer Services Under One Roof with Mertsan Scrap 

Gathering the services offered by scrap dealers under one roof with its experienced staff. Mertsan Scrapoffers support in many areas of recycling. In addition to businesses and individual scrap sales, it provides solutions to the needs of consumers, especially in terms of plant dismantling, second-hand container purchase and second-hand sandwich panel dismantling.

The services you can receive by the company are listed below. Although the service network is valid for Istanbul and its surroundings, let's add that you can get uninterrupted support throughout Turkey for every scrap of high tonnage.

  • Receipt of Scrap from the Address
    • Iron
    • Virgin
    • Aluminum
    • Krom
    • Bullet
    • Yellow
    • Cable
    • Paper
    • Nylon
    • Nickel
    • Zinc
    • Titanium
  • Second Hand Container Trading
  • Second Hand Product Purchase
  • Second Hand Sandwich Panel Removal / Purchase
  • Factory Dismantling / Destruction
  • Facility Dismantling / Dismantling
  • Steel Roof Dismantling / Steel Construction Dismantling
  • Second Hand Industrial Kitchen Equipment Purchase

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