Protocol Signed with 7 Cooperatives within the Scope of Public Housing Project in İzmir

A Protocol was Signed with the Cooperative within the Scope of the Public Housing Project in Izmir
Protocol Signed with 7 Cooperatives within the Scope of Public Housing Project in İzmir

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerA protocol was signed with 7 cooperatives within the scope of the Halk Konut project, which was implemented in İzmir for the first time in Turkey for earthquake victims. Minister Tunç Soyer, “In such a period when the economy is dragged into disaster, we give hope to all of Turkey from İzmir. The municipality and the citizens join arms and we are putting together an imece that will go down in history”.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerA cooperation protocol was signed with 7 more cooperatives within the scope of the Halk Konut project, in which the cooperative model was also implemented for earthquake victims. With the Halk Konut project, which was developed for citizens whose houses were damaged in the 30 October Izmir earthquake, the table was discussed with the three cooperatives established by the residents of Dilber, Çiçek Hanım Apartment and Kılıç Apartment previously.

“We are with you, Tunç President”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerCHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel attended the collective signing ceremony hosted by Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal, former Minister Yaşar Okuyan, İzmir Earthquake Victims Solidarity Association (İZDEDA) President Haydar Özkan, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, political party representatives, council members, headmen and Bayraklı people participated. President Soyer, at the signing ceremony in Adalet Mahallesi, "We are with you, Tunç President", "Bayraklı Doesn't Leave You Alone”, “Heart of İzmir Bayraklı'The Future is Safer Now' was greeted with the banners.

İzmir imecesi “People's Housing”

Expressing that after the October 30 earthquake, the citizens of the earthquake took many steps to heal their wounds without wasting time, the President said. Tunç Soyer“Despite all the difficult conditions and the economic crisis, we never made excuses. We tried to look for new models. We sought, found and implemented concrete ways to cure the problems of the people of Izmir. Halk Konut is the result of our vision of economic democracy, where the producer is also the ruler. At the core of this brand new model is the cooperative model that we have successfully implemented in agriculture, transportation and many other sectors. We started an urban transformation campaign in order to solve the problem of the obsolete building stock, which is the dead end of İzmir. Business people of İzmir responded to our call first and building cooperatives were started to be established for transformation on a neighborhood scale. In this way, we are building new districts of our city in six different regions. The Halk Housing Project, for which we held the collective signing ceremony today, is a brand new example of our cooperative model in building scale.”

“We stood by our citizens”

Mayor Soyer underlined that the citizens whose houses were destroyed or damaged in the earthquake, even if they wanted to renovate their buildings, could not find the power of the public on this issue and said, “We stood by our citizens with the Halk Konut project and helped them become the contractors of their own buildings by establishing a cooperative. Together with earthquake victims' cooperatives, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, our companies IzBeton and Ege City Planning Bayraklı Municipality company Baybel became the stakeholders of the Halk Konut project. The protocol we signed with Halk Konut 15 Cooperative, formed by the residents of Dilber Apartments on June 1, became the first step and lifeline of our project. Our project has grown with Çiçek Hanım and Kılıç Apartments.”

"This pride is for all of us"

Stating that they opened an Information Office to explain the Halk Konut model on August 7, President Soyer continued his words as follows: “As of September 27, nearly one thousand earthquake survivors received information from our office. Information meeting was held with 70 sites. We started working with a total of ten cooperatives in a short period of three months. With the protocols we will sign today, Halk Konut reaches a total of 409 independent units and a construction area of ​​66 thousand square meters. This pride is ours.”

“There is no such model in Turkey”

Stating that they will cover 2022 thousand independent units and a construction area of ​​approximately 21 thousand square meters when 3 cooperatives are included in the project until the end of 150, President Soyer said, “Each of our citizens will have a healthy home in the earthquake. I will explain to you what is Halk Konut in two sentences. It is a housing project where the self-power of the citizen and the institutional power of the municipality come together without surrendering to anyone's political or commercial rent. There is no such model in Turkey. Turkey will learn this model from Izmir. In my election manifesto, I said that we will be the Mayor and we will stand by our citizens with compassion. Halk Konut was one of the best examples of this. In İzmir, the municipality and the citizen join hands and create a collaboration that will go down in history. Bayraklı Except for our district, Buca, KarşıyakaReceiving requests to Halk Konut from our , Çiğli and Menderes districts shows that our solidarity will grow even more.

“Remedy, this is our exemplary work”

President Soyer stated that in such a difficult period when the economy was dragged into disaster, they hoped for the whole of Turkey from İzmir with the Halk Konut project, and concluded his words as follows: “I want everyone to know this. The people of Izmir are not helpless in the face of those who try to get rent even from poverty and disasters. We are the cure. You are the cure. Remedy, this is our sample work. As long as this soul is in this body, I will not leave you alone until the end. I will continue to be by your side. İzmir will continue to be hope and bright.”

“We will stand behind you”

Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal said that the ship of this work was İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and its captain was İzmir Earthquake Victims Solidarity Association (İZDEDA), “Earthquake is a supra-political issue. both Bayraklı It saddens us that both the Metropolitan and all stakeholders see their efforts in vain. It was obvious who did what during the wreckage period. The support of the Metropolitan cannot be questioned in the process of placing them in temporary residences. It has been about 2 years since the earthquake. We had a zero-interest loan request regarding the loan debt of our citizens. What happened? Can we get a two-year grace loan? No. Can we get an 18-month zero-interest loan? No. The demands of earthquake victims need to be resolved humanely and urgently," he said.

Serdar Sandal also spoke about the granting of an investigation permission on three separate issues about President Soyer.Bayraklı as, Bayraklı As an organization, we promise to stand firm behind you,” he said.

“We stand by Tunç President”

İzmir Earthquake Victims' Solidarity Association (İZDEDA) President Haydar Özkan emphasized that they experienced great happiness today and said, "We met with President Soyer while we were thinking about what we will be after seeing the earthquake and being without money and clothes. Then our president was always with us. Thank you very much to him. We opened a path together. It gave us strength. Your way is our way, Tunç President, we are always by your side”.

“We are hopeful and excited”

İZDEDA Vice President Aytekin Keskin stated that the Halk Konut project is not just a building and said, “A model of education consultancy on neighborhood will also be implemented with expert psychologists. We will never forget you our presidents. "Your support was very important to us," he said.

People's Housing 6 Cooperative President Vahit Savran underlined that they are hopeful and excited and said: "Our President, who made us feel this excitement and does his job with love. Tunç Soyerand Serdar Sandal. Halk Konut will also strengthen our friendship relations.”

In her speech, Sevinç Özdemir, President of Halk Konut 9 Cooperative, said, “Our precedent increase was meticulously prepared and passed the parliament. Our Presidents have been with us since the first day of our association.”

What is the Public Housing Project?

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBETON A.Ş., EgeŞehir A.Ş. and Bayraklı The Halk Konut project, implemented by BAYBEL A.Ş., a subsidiary of the municipality, by forming a union of forces, aims to reconstruct the damaged, destroyed, to be demolished or risky buildings in İzmir in accordance with the current building regulations and to enable the citizens to own houses. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bayraklı The municipality offers municipal assurance and technical assistance to the citizens so that the earthquake victims can build their own houses. With the model, it is aimed to support the people of İzmir for many moderately damaged buildings. Municipal companies involved in the Halk Konut project provide contracting services to the cooperative with a symbolic profit rate of 1 percent.
An agreement was signed with the cooperatives established by Dilber, Çiçek Hanım, Kılıç, Onur, Seven, Yeni Ay, Özkanlar 36, Işıl, Öner Bey, and the residents of Success 2-3 Apartment. A total of 409 independent sections will be built with these ten cooperatives.

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