261 Thousand Kilos of Meat, 196 Thousand Liters of Turnip Consumed at Adana Taste Festival

International Adana Flavor Festival Attracts Intense Interest
261 Thousand Kilos of Meat, 196 Thousand Liters of Turnip Consumed at Adana Taste Festival

The 6th International Adana Flavor Festival hosted hundreds of thousands of guests from the city and abroad. The festival, which contributed significantly to the promotion of unique Adana flavors, was held under the leadership of the Adana Governor's Office, with the support of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities, chambers and non-governmental organizations. Meetings, conferences, performances and shows were held within the scope of the festival, which attracted great interest. Approximately 6 thousand people visited the 650th International Adana Taste Festival.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar added new ones during the festival to the effective and interesting messages he gave at the promotional meetings held before the festival.

President Zeydan Karalar, who spoke at the meeting where the festival was inaugurated, after the cortege walk in the 180-decare festival area and traditionally barbecues, and then at the gala dinner, once again emphasized his long-standing message "Come to Adana and eat our liver".


President Zeydan Karalar said, “We said, "Come to Adana and eat our liver, we invited you, you honored us, now you will eat our liver." They ask me that I have invited the whole of Turkey, the whole world, to come to Adana and eat my liver, and whether there is enough liver for everyone. We have plenty of liver, enough for everyone.

Adana has been on the rise with us in recent years and there are promising developments.

Adana had stagnated for a while and started to regress, but it has been on the attack for 3-5 years. Adana is now talked about with its art, cinema, culture, history and nature, delicious tastes and festivals. This makes us emotional and proud. Adana is another city with its fertile soil and beautiful products ranging from soil to kitchen. How many cities are there in the world that have so many beautiful features at the same time? Recognition of these beauties is very important to us. The people of Adana want to share these beauties with Turkey and the world. That's what we're doing now. Under the leadership of our Honorable Governor, we are running towards beauty together. Our work also aims to contribute to the economy of the city and the country.”


Noting that Adana is a city of gastronomy under all circumstances, Mayor Zeydan Karalar said: “Adana is a deep-rooted, ancient city that has evolved into a historical flavor. Adana is a city of taste, history, art, agriculture, commerce, industry and peace. It is a city that is extraordinarily beautiful and contains many riches. We are lucky in this regard. We are working hard to increase the return of these beauties to Adana. Our efforts to introduce these features and beauties of Adana brought Adana to another point. We have worked hard to make Adana a registered gastronomy city from UNESCO. It may be important that we are a gastronomy city on paper in the international arena, but even if this does not happen, we are a city of taste, a city of gastronomy. We are working together to make Adana a city that attracts more tourists in gastronomy and our efforts will continue to increase.”


Explaining that Adana Kebab is a dominant and unique flavor, but there are other delicious flavors in Adana, Mayor Zeydan Karalar said, “Adana Kebab is an incredible taste, but Adana gastronomy is not just about kebab. Adana also has many other flavors. I want you to taste hundreds of other flavors left by countless civilizations and tribes living in Adana," he said.

Selvi Kılıçdaroğlu, wife of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, also attended the Adana Taste Festival and toured the stands.

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