17 Elevators on Metrobus Line Renovated

Elevator on Metrobus Line Renewed
17 Elevators on Metrobus Line Renovated

17 elevators and 9 escalators on the Metrobus line were renewed. Renovation works of 1 elevator and 1 escalator continue. Project work continues for 10 stations that do not have disabled access.

The number of elevators on the Metrobus Line, which was 2021 in January 59, reached 2022 as of September 64. From the date of commissioning until 2021, the elevators were used without identification numbers, without periodic inspections and labeling studies. Elevator identification numbering and labeling of Metrobus elevators and escalators, whose maintenance, repairs and operations are carried out by the General Directorate of IETT, were completed in 2021, and 58 elevators operating without labels received a blue label as a result of periodic inspections.

As a result of the technical examinations carried out in the first quarter of 2022 for the elevators and escalators, which have served the people of Istanbul for many years, it was decided to renovate 18 elevators and 10 escalators, which were determined to have completed their economic life. As of September 2022, Halıcıoğlu platform, İBB Social Facilities south and north, Avcılar platform south and north, Cihangir south, Mustafa Kemal Paşa south, Haramidere north, Cumhuriyet Station south, Saadetdere north, Güzelyurt platform, Beykent platform and south, Şükrübey north, 17 elevators, including Beylikdüzü platform and south, were installed, renewed and certified. The replacement process of the Beylikdüzü north elevator continues. It is scheduled to be put into service at the end of October.

In addition, the renovation of Beykent platform, north and south, Beylikdüzü platform, north and south, Avcılar platform and north and south escalators of Mustafa Kemal Pasha station was completed and put into service.

Disabled Access Stations

There is no disabled access at 10 stations on the Metrobus line. Construction of 3 elevators for Küçükçekmece Station started. Project design works continue for Merter, Bayrampaşa, Beşyol, Ayvansaray, Okmeydanı, Burhaniye, Altunizade, Acıbadem and Uzunçayır stations, which are not suitable for disabled access, and Yenibosna Station, which is insufficient due to passenger density. In addition, the construction of a new elevator for the exit in Edirnekapı direction of Mecidiyeköy Station is planned to be completed in 2022.

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