Enthusiastic Welcome to World Wrestling Champion Rıza Kayaalp

World Wrestling Champion Riza Kayaalpe Enthusiastic Welcome
Enthusiastic Welcome to World Wrestling Champion Rıza Kayaalp

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality held a welcoming ceremony for ASKİ Sports Club Athlete Rıza Kayaalp at Esenboğa Airport. Kayaalp, who became the champion for the 5th time in the World Wrestling Championship and returned to the Capital with a gold medal, was greeted with great enthusiasm by his family, athlete friends and ABB bureaucrats at the airport.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make the Capital the Capital of sports and athletes.
ASKİ Sports Club Athlete Rıza Kayaalp, who made his mark in history with golden letters at the World Wrestling Championship held in Serbia, was greeted with great enthusiasm by his family, fellow athletes and ABB bureaucrats at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.


National wrestler Rıza Kayaalp, who won the gold medal as the champion for the 5th time in the World Wrestling Championship, returned to Ankara. At Ankara Esenboğa Airport, the champion wrestler Turkish Flags was greeted with flowers and a mehteran team. Rıza Kayaalp, who made a city tour with an open-top bus with the police convoy, and the managers and athletes of ASKİ Sports Club, showed great interest to the people of the Capital.
National athlete Rıza Kayaalp said that he is happy to win such a championship to Turkey.

“I am very happy to have brought such a success to my country. Of course, I have a feature like this; I won all my championships in ASKİ Sports Club. I won on behalf of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. I have only one institution and I have always worked there. Thanks to them, they provided us with these opportunities and we tried to give them the best in return. Today, we came back from the world championship by getting the reward of our efforts and the rewards of the efforts given to us in the same way. I would like to thank our Mayor Mansur Yavaş for providing these services. Thanks to the opportunities provided, we bring these achievements to our country. I am a devoted athlete. My biggest goal is to repay the values ​​spent and given to us," he said.


Stating that Rıza Kayaalp is the pride of both Turkey and Ankara, EGO Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak said, “We are living a very happy day today. We have an athlete who is a world champion. The pride of both Turkey and ABB. While our Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, works day and night, he does not neglect sports clubs and gives them all kinds of support. Thank you to him. Our brother Rıza is an athlete who makes us proud. It is a great honor for us to have such an athlete with many championships in our team. I congratulate him wholeheartedly and wish him continued success.”

Competing in Greco-Roman style 130 kg at the Senior World Wrestling Championship held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, national wrestler Rıza Kayaalp defeated his opponent and won the gold medal. The successful athlete, who became the world champion for the 5th time, also went down in history as the first Turkish wrestler to win the championship. Kerami Kayaalp, the father of the champion wrestler, who came to the airport to meet his son and said that he was very excited, said, "I am very excited and very happy. My knees buckled and I couldn't stand up because of excitement. We are proud that he flew our flag in Serbia and sang our National Anthem. We have trained a good wrestler for our country, Turkey. Everyone loves and embraces him”, while mother Sevgi Kayaalp said, “We are very happy. My son is the grace of God. They have a lot of championships, only the Olympics are left and we want him to win that too. I love my son wrestling. I am happy and proud of my son. I get very excited watching the competitions. He made us sing our National Anthem there, and waved our flag. I'm very happy, God gave Riza to me, and I gave him to the world. He is now the child of the world” she used the phrase.

Ali Cengiz and Selçuk Can, who are members of the same team of ASKİ Sports Club athletes, also won bronze medals and became the 3rd in the world.

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