Who is Labor? Education Life of Emek Küldür

Who is Emek Kulur Educational Life of Emek Kulur
Who is Emek Kulur's Education Life?

Where did Emek Külü take office for the first time?

Emek Küldür, who graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 1994, entered the sector while he was still a student. Emek Küldür, who started to work as an Assistant Dentist in an Orthodontic Clinic in Izmir, in the fields of Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry, continued to work for a while after graduating in this clinic, where he started working as an assistant during his student years.

Where Did Emek Kürü Work in New York?

After successfully graduating from school, Kücü was accepted to the Department of Implantology at the New York University Faculty of Dentistry for 2 years and went to America. During his 2 years of residency training here, he worked as a Dr. in the Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Brookdale Hospital. Working as an Assistant Dentist alongside Norman Cranin, he gained significant experience and laid the foundations of his specialty. Afterwards, one of the leading names in dentistry, New York University Implant Department Head Dr. He worked as an assistant in Denis Tornow's private clinic in the fields of Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry. Trainings of Emek Küldür in New Yorkhas given him great experience in business life.

When Did Emek Küldür Return To Turkey?

Dentist Emek Küldür, who came to Turkey in 1998 to return to New York after the valuable training he received in the USA, stayed in Turkey permanently after the Istanbul American Hospital offered him a job.

Where did Emek Küldür Worked in Turkey?

Emek Küldür, who started his successful career in Turkey as an Assistant Dentist in Istanbul American Hospital in 1998, after working there for 2 years. Kadıköy He moved to Şifa Hospital and established the dental clinic of the hospital. Being the Head of the Department in the clinic he founded, Küldür worked there for 2 years. Kadıköy Emek Küldür, who left Şifa Hospital, later moved to Istanbul Memorial Hospital and established the Dental Clinic of this hospital. Being the Head of Department in the clinic he founded, Küldür worked in this hospital for 10 years.

Being self-sacrificing and successful throughout his working life, Kulur opened a clinic of his own called Smile Institute in 2007 and today he treats his patients here as the Chief Physician.

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