Visit from Minister to Personnel Injured in Helicopter Crash

Visit from Minister to Personnel Injured in Helicopter Crash
Visit from Minister to Personnel Injured in Helicopter Crash

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci visited the crew injured in the helicopter crash in the Çardak district of Denizli at the hospitals where they were treated.

Kirişci visited the 5 people injured in the falling firefighting helicopter in hospitals and wished them well.

Minister Kirişci, who later became the Governor of Denizli, said in a statement to journalists that a tragic accident occurred near the town of Çardak.

Reminding that 7 Russian citizens out of the 2-person crew lost their lives in the accident yesterday, Kirişci said, “Apart from them, two of our personnel, one Turkish and one Russian, are currently in the intensive care unit at Pamukkale University Medical Faculty Hospital. Two staff co-pilot Egor Turkov and technical staff Ömer Kaan Çakır, who were in the same hospital, were informed during our visit in the morning. Both are in pretty good condition. They are conscious and in good health. Again at Denizli State Hospital, we visited the technical staff of our General Directorate of Forestry, Kenan Erdem, and visited the hospital. He's in good health. We conveyed our wishes for a speedy recovery to him and his other friends.” said.

Stressing that they were saddened by the death of 2 people in the delegation from the neighboring country Russia, Kirişci wished that such incidents would not happen again.

Expressing that the accident crime team has started the necessary investigation, Kirişci said that the prosecutor's office is also working on the judicial part.

Noting that the Russian side has no desire for the ceremony, Kirişci noted that the bodies will be sent to Russia after the procedures are completed.


Reminding that the fire that started in Muğla yesterday was brought under control, Kirişci concluded his words as follows:

“Cooling works are also continuing rapidly. Along with 14 aircraft, 23 helicopters, 1 UAV and 2 administrative helicopters, 83 sprinklers, 22 first response vehicles, 3 construction equipment and 1457 personnel took an active part in this fire. Under the heading of requests from other institutions and NGOs, 12 water throwing helicopters and 5 construction machines participated in the works. An area of ​​500 hectares seems to have been damaged in this fire.

The crashed helicopter was also on its way to respond to the fire. These are helicopters that throw water. Therefore, while 23 helicopters are currently on duty here, in case of need, we choose the helicopters that can be used in such fires, especially from places that are far away, these are the places where the risk of fire is low. From there, the helicopter was intended to arrive and intervene in the fire.”

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