Leading Young Safety Innovations

Youth Opens It Up Security Innovations
Leading Young Safety Innovations

Kaspersky announced that it is inviting highly motivated students and young researchers who are trying to change the world of technology by increasing security to the international Secur'IT Cup '22 competition.

With the increasing penetration of digital technology in our lives, the question remains how they can serve our needs without putting our privacy and data at risk. The rapid development of technology requires the cyber security industry to keep up with this situation by offering effective solutions to deal with security problems.

To this end, Kaspersky announced the launch of the fifth international Secur'IT Cup '22. The competition aims to support young talents, enable them to innovate in the world of cybersecurity, and turn brilliant ideas into real solutions that can help solve problems in their own environment.

This year the competition presents three key areas focused on new solutions:

Mobile security: Develop a mobile and smartwatch security project to help people around the world protect their privacy and personal data from mobile attacks and cybercrime.

Router security: Introduce new security solutions for large industrial facilities or to protect the “brain” of the IoT that manages all device networks in the home.

Prevent cheating in chess: Prepare a popular chess game that will protect players from unfair players and detect cheating attempts.

Kaspersky constantly supports the development of chess, with the aim of making the game even more popular in the digital world and the spread of online tournaments.

Also, this year the company is presenting a special category: Family Care. This category, which has special sections covering different security topics, is detailed as follows:

The “Elderly Care” section: safety projects that may be related to internet security, health monitoring and other issues related to the elderly.

Section “Pet Care”: safety projects covering safety, health, care and other aspects related to both pets and stray animals.

“Financing for the Family” section: security projects covering financial planning, cost tracking, other aspects of controlling finances for the whole family or some family members.

Evgeniya Russkikh, Head of Academic Affairs at Kaspersky Academy, says: “This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Secur'IT trophy, which we can say with certainty has reached maturity. Our team is proud of the project that has already brought together more than 6 participants. An important innovation that we started last year and continued in 2022 was to add social responsibility categories to our scope. We believe it is really important not only to seek solutions to technological problems in cybersecurity, but also to contribute to raising awareness of how cybersecurity solutions can impact the lives of vulnerable groups of people. We hope to continue this momentum in the future. I wish all our participants to make the most of their creativity, innovative thinking and experience while participating in our competition.”

The online registration process for the competition will end on November 7, 2022. After that, participants will have two weeks, until 20 November 2022, to submit a detailed project description, research summary and project prototype. An expert jury made up of industry experts and the Kaspersky team will evaluate all projects and select a shortlist for the final. Participants can participate in the competition individually or in teams. In addition, Kaspersky Academy will organize a series of local events in Asia Pacific, Russia and the CIS and META region to help students easily participate in global competition. The dates of these events will be announced later.

The final event will take place online on December 14, 2022, with a $10 prize awarded to the winner. The latter will have the scope of their chosen professional certification (like CISSP, CISA, CISM). Thirds will be given the opportunity to attend a professional course of their choice on one of the global MOOC platforms.

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