The Move That Saves Time and Money in Traffic

The Move That Saves Time and Money in Traffic
The Move That Saves Time and Money in Traffic

With the completion of the overpasses built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the İzmir road, the push-and-go signaling application used in pedestrian crossings has been removed. It has been calculated that 90 liters of fuel is saved during a 1-minute waiting time at the light on the road used by 1800 thousand vehicles per day in both directions and an annual carbon dioxide emission of 1.633.680 grams is prevented.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which works hard to prevent traffic from becoming a problem with bridges and intersections, new roads, road expansion works and rail system investments in Bursa, on the other hand, is putting new moves into action in order to increase traffic and ensure pedestrian safety. Within the scope of these studies, the Metropolitan Municipality, which determined that the push-to-go signaling application used for pedestrian crossing between İzmir road Ürünlü and Alaattinbey slowed down the traffic flow, both ensured pedestrian safety and accelerated traffic flow with pedestrian overpasses. With the opening of the first overpass, which was built in an extremely comfortable way with an elevator, the push-and-go signaling system at this point was removed. Thus, while the traffic flow was not interrupted, it was also possible for pedestrians to cross safely. The second overpass, where the final arrangements have been made, will be commissioned in the coming days and uninterrupted transportation will be provided on the Izmir road with the removal of the signaling system here.

Big savings

Although the work may seem like a simple pedestrian overpass, it has been determined by numbers that it provides a significant fuel saving even by removing the 1-minute pause in traffic, and is an important environmentalist move at the same time. In the censuses, it was determined that the road was used by 90 thousand vehicles per day in both directions. Considering that an idling vehicle consumes an average of 1,2 liters of fuel per hour and 1 liters per minute, it is calculated that 0,02 thousand vehicles consume 90 liters of fuel during this waiting period. If the average price of diesel and gasoline is determined as 1800 TL, a total of 25,15 thousand 45 TL and 270 million 16 thousand 297 TL per year were avoided in this one-minute waiting period.

In addition, it has been calculated that 3,78 liters of gasoline emits 8,887 grams, and 3,78 liters of diesel emits 10,180 grams of carbon dioxide.

Investments continue

Reminding that they allocate the lion's share in the investment budget to transportation, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they continue to work hard to prevent transportation from being a problem in Bursa. President Aktaş stated that while road widening and new road building works continue on the one hand, they have implemented works that will accelerate the traffic flow on the existing roads, on the other hand, and said, “The jump bridges we built on the Mudanya junction have been completed. We are about to complete our road widening works on Hayran Cad. We started to work on the bridge to which Yunuseli was connected, behind the Acemler Junction. While these big investments continue, we are eliminating the problem of the signaling system that cuts the traffic flow on the İzmir road for pedestrian crossings. We have activated one of our pedestrian overpasses and the signaling at this point has been removed. Our other overpass will be completed in a short time. In this way, the traffic flow on the İzmir road will no longer be interrupted.”

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