Terra Madre Made Anatolian Producer Smile

Terra Madre Made the Anatolian Manufacturer Smile
Terra Madre Made Anatolian Producer Smile

Terra Madre Anadolu, which opened its doors simultaneously with the 91st Izmir International Fair, put a smile on the face of the local manufacturer. Producers are pleased to be able to promote their products to the whole world without intermediaries at Terra Madre Anadolu.

There are lively days in the city due to the Izmir International Fair, which opened its doors for the 91st time, and Terra Madre Anadolu, the international gastronomy fair held in Izmir for the first time in Turkey.

In Terra Madre Anatolia, where 107 Slow Food stands were set up and 46 exhibitors from 392 countries took part, local products from many regions are exhibited. Terra Madre Anadolu also functions as a platform where the domestic manufacturer, who has difficulty in marketing what it produces, promotes its products to the whole world without intermediaries. Domestic manufacturers are pleased to take part in the international fair.

Local producer's labor is rewarded in Terra Madre

Stating that they came to İzmir from Kars for the Terra Madre Fair, Boğatepe Village Dairy official Hayati Mehmetoğlu said, “We brought Kars to the people of İzmir. Kars is the capital of cheese in Turkey. We were actually a little distant when we came to this fair. However, it was a fair that exceeded our expectations. We are seeing a lot of interest. It's an international organization. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality very much. Our President for bringing all the countries together and bringing the hard work and hard work of local producers here. Tunç SoyerThank you very much,” he said.

Our strength will multiply

Anıl Öztürk, the producer who founded the Armağan brand from Anatolia and produces pure and traditional soap, said, “We also provide trainings on the increase in olive cultivation and olive oil consumption, and on shipping abroad. We are making our voices heard with the Terra Madre Anatolia fair. Both domestic producers are supported. I hope it will be done again next year. Our awareness is increasing. We only produce from products grown in Anatolian lands. We send our products to America, England and Germany. Thanks to Terra Madre, our strength will be multiplied.”

A fair aiming to preserve local products

Saying that development in Karaburun is possible with sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism, Karaburun Slow Food volunteer Şadan Tütüncü said, “I have planted 2011 trees in Karaburun since 3. I have been doing ecological farming for 7-8 years. We aim to protect biodiversity without plowing the soil and without using toxic pesticides. I started making vinegar from the pomegranate tree. I ferment for a long time in oak barrels. I founded the Furma brand. It was formed by the local people calling the date olive as furma. Terra Madre is a fair that brings the products of small producers directly to the consumer and aims to protect local products. It was a fair that was fit for its purpose and that also preserved sociological solidarity. We would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality," he said.

Awareness will increase with the fair

Bediye Dungu, who is fishing in Karaburun, said, “I sell fish eggs. My own production. Most of those who visit the stands do not know about fish eggs. Foreign visitors are of great interest. I believe that I will reach more places with this fair. We are very happy to be at this fair”.

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