Winners of Respect for History Local Conservation Awards Announced

Winners of Respect for History Local Conservation Awards Announced
Winners of Respect for History Local Conservation Awards Announced

The winners of the 18th “Respect for History Local Conservation Awards” organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality have been announced. The selection committee convened for evaluation and examination found 31 applications worthy of the award.

Organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Respect for History Local Conservation Awards, which have become the symbol of sensitivity to the city's history, found their owners for the 18th time. This year, 2003 applications were deemed worthy of an award in the competition, which has been organized since 31 with the aim of preserving and restoring historical buildings in İzmir and creating urban and local awareness.

The selection committee convened under the chairmanship of ICOMOS Turkish National Committee Chairman, Master Architect and Conservation Expert Burçin Altınsay Özgüner, announced the results after the evaluation and examination tours. Accordingly, the awards were determined in the categories of Life in a Historic Building, Substantial Repair, Contribution to the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Heritage, Preservation of Traditional Crafts in Historical Places, School Projects Encouragement Award for Historical and Cultural Heritage.

Interest in the competition from young people

Eleven applications worthy of an award in the School Projects Encouragement Award on Historical and Cultural Heritage have left their mark on the 2022 program. There was intense participation in this category, which is considered as a separate area with the aims of developing children and young people's sensitivity to historical heritage and the environment, creating and disseminating a conservation culture, among the objectives of the program.

As a result of the evaluations made by the jury, the awards and winners are as follows:

Special Jury Prize in Life in a Historical Building Category: Yavuz Bookstore (Kemeraltı)

Life in a Historic Building Award: Meydan Kahvesi (Birgi), Macide and İsmail Çakar House (Birgi), Sacide and Rüştü Sevgel House (Birgi), Palombo Ticaret (Kemeraltı), Kadriye Yağcı (Kemeraltı)

Special Jury Award in the Category of Keeping Traditional Crafts Alive in Historical Space: Hasan Hüseyin Öter – Körüklü Boots (Tire)
Keeping Traditional Crafts Alive in Historic Places Award: Bayram Senver – Dokumacı (Birgi), Hasan Ergenay – Bıçakçı (Kemeraltı), Erdoğan Akıner – Tailor (Tire) Award for Fundamental Repair Preserving the Original Function: Ets Hayim Synagogue (Kemeraltı), Elif Kocabıyık and Daniele Savasta House (Colonnade)

Contribution Award in the Field of Conservation of Historical Environment and Cultural Heritage: Uluç Hanhan – The Izmir Bay Shipwrecks Book, Selim Bonfil – “Jews from Izmir and Karataş Through the Eyes of Photo Gagin” Photography Project, Yaşar Ürük – 16 Piece Selection from Scientific History Research, Siren Bora – All About Jewish Culture Publications, Yılmaz Göçmen – One Hundred Years of Sheet Music, Nesim Bencoya – Sephardic Culture Festival, Saadet Erciyas – İzmir Ah! Tarık Dursun K's Neighborhoods (Book printed in Braille Alphabet with raised letters), Assoc. Dr. Yurdagül Bezirgan Arar – “City and Memory: Neighborhood District İzmir” TV Program

School Projects Encouragement Award on Historical and Cultural Heritage

Anafartalar Primary School “My İzmir, My History, My Model” İzmir Historical Place Model Competition, Övgü Terzibaşıoğlu Anatolian High School – A Patriotic Rahmetullah Efendi (Çelebioğlu) from İzmir in the Shadow, SÜGEP Academy “A Memory Space Example from Modern İzmir”, İTÜ Development Foundation “Hand with Manis” Our Weavings”, İzmir Private Çakabey Secondary School “Our Contribution to Preserving Our Cultural Heritage: Karabel Rock Relief Study”, UKEB Schools “If Pieces of the Past Converge Today”, Buca Bilsev College “Buca's Cultural Heritage”, Uğur Schools “The Mysterious Journey of the Evil Eye Bead”, İzmir Private Turkish College Anatolian High School “Exemplary Republican Woman from İzmir Ayşe Mayda”, İzmir TED College “A Hidden Value İzmir Klazomen Quarantine Island”, Private İzmir American College “Travel-Commentary on Kemeraltı”.

The Main Selection Committee of the competition was art historian Prof. Dr. Serpil Bağçı, archaeologist Assoc. Dr. Haluk Sağlamtimur, conservation planning and cultural heritage management expert Dr. Ayşe Ege Yıldırım, architect Dr. Kerem Şerifaki, city planner Önder Batkan, master architect and restoration expert Salih Seymen. In the Substitute Selection Committee, the city planner Dr. Instructor Member Zeynep Elburz, archaeologist Dr. Onur Zunal, art historian Dr. Tülin Yenilir took part. The awards will find their owners at the ceremony to be held in the coming days.

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