SKODA Displays Its New Brand Identity and New Logo with VISION 7S Concept

SKODA Displays Its New Brand Identity and New Logo with VISION S Concept
SKODA Displays Its New Brand Identity and New Logo with VISION 7S Concept

SKODA showed its new design language, logo and corporate identity combining its rich past with the mobility of the future with its world premiere. Taking the brand's appearance to the next level with its new design identity, ŠKODA revealed the elements that evolve these values ​​with the electric VISION 7S concept. The new brand identity and logo will first be used in communication materials and then will begin to take its place in new models to come.

Showing its new design language as part of its 2030 strategy, SKODA is also accelerating its electric attack. The Czech brand, which will add three new fully electric vehicles to its existing electric vehicles by 2026, gave the clues of these vehicles with the VISION 7S concept. The new models will include a small electric car, as well as an electric compact SUV and a seven-seat vehicle. With the new models, the share of all-electric vehicles in SKODA's European sales will exceed 2030 percent by 70. To support this, the Czech brand will invest 5.6 billion euros in e-mobility and another 700 million euros in digitalization over the next five years. During the transition to electro-mobility, the entire product range will be strengthened, and vehicles with high-efficiency internal combustion engines will come alongside electric ones. Among them will be the next generation SUPERB and KODIAQ, which will be shown in the second half of next year. In 2024, these models will be followed by the renewed OCTAVIA model.


With the new identity, the SKODA lettering will be used more broadly in marketing communications than the pictorial logo. The new style includes a combination of completely different typography and rounded lines based on symmetry. While designing the logo, the most thought-provoking factor for the designers was the reverse hat on the letter Š, and a rational solution was created by adapting this detail into the letter according to the final design. Along with the SKODA lettering, the winged arrow symbol has also evolved. The logo, which is obvious at first glance, has been made simpler without 3D graphics. While this 2D logo represents the transition to the digital world, the green tones used also represent ecology, sustainability and electro mobility.

SKODA introduced the VISION 7S concept, which gives design clues from its completely new models, with its world premiere. The fully electric SUV model offers a capacity of up to seven passengers and draws attention with its spacious living space. Equipped with new technologies, VISION 7S can achieve a range of over 89 kilometers on a single charge, thanks to its 600 kWh battery.

With its new design language, VISION 7S carries the strong, functional and unique identity of the brand even further. The VISION 7S also stands out as the first SKODA with matte body colour, while the technological face in the front is complemented by aerodynamic lines towards the rear. At first glance, VISION 7S draws attention with its spacious cabin and different design. The front of the vehicle features familiar design elements such as the signature ŠKODA line. The redesigned ŠKODA lettering takes its place on the front, complemented by a new ambient light strip. This strip, which uses the entire width of the vehicle, is integrated with the vertical headlights to form a T-shape. In addition, the concept vehicle carries a modern interpretation of the brand's familiar grille. The tornado line, which is a signature of SKODA models, is raised in the profile, separating the underbody from the side windows and contributing to the strong appearance. 22-inch closed wheels also increase the vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency. The rear of the VISION 7S also features the new ŠKODA lettering, while the theme on the front of the vehicle is followed in the lighting group.

The cabin of the VISION 7S concept takes SKODA's signature idea of ​​a spacious cabin even further. Designed without leather, while dark and light materials are combined, most of the cabin is made from materials from sustainable sources.

The completely redesigned steering wheel has been flattened at the top and bottom. This makes the 8.8 inch digital driver gauges much easier to read. While the controls that may be needed while driving are placed on the steering wheel, it will also be possible to manage more functions when the vehicle is stopped.

In the VISION 7S concept, two different cabin seating positions are offered as “Drive and Rest”. Thanks to the rotating central screen and sliding elements, the perfect cabin atmosphere is achieved for different situations. The 14.6 inch touchscreen is vertical in Driving mode and horizontal in Rest mode, which can be activated with a button. However, the steering wheel and instruments are retracted to provide more space inside. The front row seats can be swiveled inwards and reclined for added comfort. In addition, those sitting in the back row can easily see the screen and watch entertainment content.


The new Simply Clever Smart Solutions and high security also come to the fore in the cabin of VISION 7S, which offers equal space for all passengers. The innovative child seat is placed in the safest place in the middle of the vehicle and integrated into the center console. While the second row occupants can easily take care of the child, the optional ceiling camera can transfer the child's image to the central screen when requested.

In the VISION 7S concept, which stands out with its practical ideas, the second and third row occupants can magnetically place their electronic devices on the backrests, thus obtaining an ideal viewing angle. Interactive surfaces integrated into door panels can convey messages such as changes in ventilation with their colors. In addition, it is possible to leave notes on the surface that allows writing with fingers or for children to draw.

However, new Simply Clever solutions include air ducts that remain hidden until direct ventilation is required, and a center console with magnetic fields on its surface that securely holds drinks or a first aid kit. In addition to the backpacks that are attached to the backrests of the seats and can be taken out practically, the crystal that shows the battery and charge status of the VISION 7S by using different colors draws attention. This crystal can also be seen from the outside and makes life easier for the users.

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