New Investment from EvoLog Logistics

New Investment from EvoLog Logistics
New Investment from EvoLog Logistics

After Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden, EvoLog Logistics became its 5th investment abroad, Brother Azerbaijan.

Ever growing with its young and dynamic staff since its establishment in 2013, EvoLog has made a name for itself with the innovations it has brought to the Turkish Logistics sector; He opened his first company in eastern Turkey in sister country Azerbaijan. EvoLog Azerbaijan MMC; It was the company's 5th investment abroad after Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden.

The company, which was opened on June 10, 2022, offers its customers Air, Sea, Road transportation, storage, distribution, customs clearance and e-commerce logistics services with EvoLog quality and vision.

Historical Routes

Firat Pakyuz

EvoLog Logistics Airline Director and Azerbaijan operations manager Fırat Pakyüz, in his statement regarding the establishment vision of the office, said, “The vision and foundations of this investment are based on historical data. In fact, the main trade routes on Earth have not changed at all. Their importance has decreased or increased only periodically and cyclically. Silk Road is one of them. How we can make our customers' supply lines safer, more sustainable and more homogeneous on this ancient route that connects the East and the West, which has become perhaps even more important than before in today's conjuncture, and how we can reconstruct this with the possibilities of today's logistics engineering. was to answer the question of how we can make it more cost-effective by analyzing it. Brother Azerbaijan is the natural answer to this strategic question for us, due to its strategic geographical location, economic conjuncture that is developing every day and becoming suitable for global dynamics, especially the air transport eco system and its close economic and political relations with our country. With this investment; To facilitate our SMEs' access to their strategic markets in e-commerce, with cost-effective solutions and to increase their competitive capacity, and to supply raw materials and semi-finished products that our exporters need with Airline + Road / Railway + Airway / Airway + Seaway, combined transportation solutions that we will introduce to the market very soon. We aim to provide sustainable capacity, sustainable costs and a secure supply line for our strategic defense industry. We will continue our investments both in the region and in the world with the support and dynamic vision we have received from them until today and in the future, while we are sure that our valued customers will have a high interest in these solutions.”

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