Common Misconceptions About Mineral Water

Known Misconceptions About Mineral Water
Common Misconceptions About Mineral Water

The article titled “Misconceptions about Mineral Water” published in, which aims to introduce Turkey's rich underground resources and raise awareness of the usage areas of mineral water, clarifies the lack of information about mineral waters.

Magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and many other useful minerals, which are rich in mineral waters, are indispensable for human life. Many people do not have enough information about mineral waters, which is one of the biggest supporters of a healthy life with its rich content. In order to raise awareness about the benefits of mineral waters and to bring scientific facts to the masses,, which was put into service with the sponsorship of Kızılay Mineral Waters, publishes articles that shed light on the curious questions. exp. Dr. Dilek Çoban's article titled “Well-known Errors Regarding Mineral Water” presents a scientific framework in the face of common misinformation in society. In her article, Dilek Çoban emphasized that while per capita consumption is around 100-150 liters in Europe, this amount does not exceed 5-10 liters in Turkey, the highlights are as follows:

False: Mineral water and soda are the same thing!

Right: Mineral water is hot or cold groundwater that occurs naturally in various depths of the earth's crust, under suitable geological conditions, contains at least 1000 mg/l of dissolved minerals and/or trace elements, contains carbon dioxide in its natural structure, comes to the surface by itself or is extracted by technical methods. It is bottled where it is extracted, preserving its natural structure. Soda, on the other hand, is completely artificially produced in the facilities; It is a beverage obtained by adding carbon dioxide gas to processed water, it is not natural. It contains only sodium bicarbonate.

False: Mineral water is an acidic beverage.

Right: On the contrary, mineral water has bicarbonate content that prevents acid formation in the stomach. Especially in heartburn and heartburn problems, mineral water should be preferred to relieve the stomach. Unlike the acid in other beverages, carbon dioxide gas is added only when bottling mineral water. The main reason for this is to make it easier to drink by suppressing the perception of mineral taste during drinking.

False: Mineral water is not consumed much

Right: While mineral water is consumed as a functional product in Western and Far Eastern countries as an indispensable beverage for health, in Turkey it is perceived only as an after-dinner digestive beverage. Minerals in mineral water are easily absorbed from the stomach and intestines. Mineral water, which contains very valuable minerals such as magnesium, fluoride, calcium and magnesium, is a serious source of support for individuals who are deficient in these substances in their bodies. Magnesium for reducing cramps, which are common during pregnancy, and calcium supplements to protect bone health in children, teenagers and menopausal women are indispensable supporters of our daily lives. The role of mineral water, which is very rich in these substances and is completely natural, in meeting your daily fluid needs cannot be ignored.

False: Children should not drink mineral water

Right: Soda comes to mind when it comes to mineral water; It is a common misconception that it is harmful to children's health because it is a fizzy drink. On the contrary, consuming natural sourced mineral water containing many beneficial minerals and trace elements such as zinc, fluoride and calcium, which is needed by children in the age of growth and development, is very important for healthy development. Bone health with the calcium it contains in mineral water; It is a natural source that can be supported for oral and dental health with the fluoride it contains. In addition, if children are given the habit of drinking natural mineral water instead of carbonated drinks, the risk of dental caries can be reduced as well as protecting their bone health.

False: Mineral water should not be consumed during pregnancy

Right: On the contrary, mineral water is a good supplement to meet the minerals needed by the mother and baby during pregnancy. Especially in the treatment of cramps caused by magnesium deficiency, it is recommended to drink mineral water containing magnesium, one of the natural minerals, as well as external magnesium supplements.

False: Mineral water harms the skin

Right: Natural mineral waters contain minerals that our skin, the largest organ of our body, needs. The way to have a healthy and bright skin is to consume liquids rich in natural minerals that your body needs. Especially in recent years, with the increasing tendency towards nature, natural mineral water has started to be used in many cosmetic and beauty products.

Everything that is curious about mineral waters will be discussed at this congress.

In the “II. International Mineral Water Congress” will be held in Istanbul between 17-18 November 2022. National and international stakeholders, researchers and academics from all relevant fields, especially medicine, nutrition, business and food engineering, will participate in the congress.

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