KAYBİS 650 Contributes to Zero-Emission Mobility with Bicycle

KAYBIS Contributes to Zero-Emission Mobility by Cycling
KAYBİS 650 Contributes to Zero-Emission Mobility with Bicycle

KAYBİS, the first bike sharing system in Turkey, implemented by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, draws attention during the European Mobility Week. 51 bicycles at 650 points contribute to healthy and zero-emission mobility.

European Mobility Week has been carried out by the European Union Parliament since 2002 and is celebrated around the world between 16 - 22 September every year. Kayseri Bicycle Sharing System (KAYBIS), which is the most developed address of bicycle transportation, which Memduh Büyükkılıç attaches special importance, provides great support to healthy and zero-emission mobility.

While the purpose of the European Mobility Week celebrations and activities is to encourage public administrations and relevant parties to develop sustainable transportation policies and adopt environmental approaches, as well as to raise awareness in the public and direct them to environmentally friendly and healthy transportation modes, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri has many practices with this understanding.

Kayseri Transportation Inc., which serves approximately 55 thousand passengers per day with 34 stations, 120 kilometers of rail system lines, will expand its service scope with 2 new lines to be added and will take a big step towards providing mobility in the city with low-emission modes.

Kayseri Transportation Inc., an organization of the Metropolitan Municipality. With the Kayseri Bicycle Sharing System KAYBİS, it offers 51 bicycles to the service of citizens at 650 points in the city and reinforces its zero emission policy for mobility.

KAYBİS, to which the people of Kayseri show great interest, also contributes to healthier and zero-emission mobility in 8 cities. The KAYBİS system has been established and served by Kayseri Transportation Inc. in Muğla, Mersin, Malatya, Yozgat, Aksaray, Kilis, Kırklareli and Gaziantep outside of Kayseri.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality attaches great importance to low-carbon mobility so that people's health and cities can be left to future generations as livable/sustainable cities, and it carries out its activities with this awareness.

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