Logistics Industry Meets at Fuarizmir

Logistics Sector Meets at Fuarizmir
Logistics Sector Meets at Fuarizmir

Logistech – Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair, organized by İZFAŞ for the first time this year; It is opening its doors on Thursday, September 29, bringing together all the stakeholders in the sector at Fuarizmir. While the logistics sector, the driving force of exports and imports, will come together with Logistech in Fuarizmir, panels and seminars will be held with the participation of representatives of associations and non-governmental organizations and academicians.

Organized for the first time by İZFAŞ, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Logistech–Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair will be held in Fuarizmir between 29 September-1 October 2022. with Logistech; It is aimed for İzmir to become a trade and logistics center in the Mediterranean basin, to become an international port city, thus to develop the sectors engaged in trade by sea and land, and to support employment. To the fair; many land, sea, air and railway logistics companies, port operators, warehousing, prefabricated production and cold chain, information technology and automation companies, e-commerce service providers, trucks, tow trucks, forklifts, etc. transportation vehicles companies, cargo transportation equipment companies, banks, insurance and customs clearance companies, sectoral non-governmental organizations, fuel companies and sectoral publishers are participating.

During the fair, events, seminars and panels, and the Maritime Documents and Antiques Exhibition are also held. After the opening ceremony on the first day of the fair, the "Presidents' Panel" will be held in the afternoon, moderated by Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Izmir Branch. At the panel, UTIKAD Chairman of the Board Ayşem Ulusoy, TÜRKLİM Chairman of the Board Aydın Erdemir, DND Chairman of the Board Şükriye Vardar, DEFMED Vice Chairman of the Board Bülent İbik, UND Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Fatih Şener will take place as speakers. On the same day, under the moderation of UTIKAD General Manager Alperen Güler, the session “Opportunities Waiting for Turkey, the Key Country in Transit Transport” will be held.

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