Language and Speech Disorders Affect the Child's School Life Negatively

Language and Speech Disorders Affect Child's School Life Negatively
Language and Speech Disorders Affect the Child's School Life Negatively

Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center Specialist Speech and Language Therapist Hazel Ezgi Dündar evaluated the relationship between language and speech disorders and children's school success, and shared her advice to parents.

Stating that emotions, thoughts and wishes can be transferred to other people by using them as language tools, Hazel Ezgi Dündar continued her words as follows:

“How we produce language during communication can be defined as speech. Language and/or speech disorders can be encountered in people of all ages. To list the main headings, language and speech disorders; speech sound disorders, delayed language and speech, specific language disorder, language disorder associated with another diagnosis, fluency disorders in the form of fast-distorted speech and stuttering, motor speech disorders such as aphasia, dysarthria and apraxia, voice disorders, lip-palate speech disorder due to cleft palate, language and speech disorder due to traumatic brain injury, swallowing disorders, language and speech problems due to hearing loss.

The most common speech disorders are speech sound disorder, fluency disorder and motor speech disorders. Despite a noticeable language and speech disorder, when time is lost, the gap between the child and his peers can gradually open. Other skills related to language and speaking skills, such as reading and writing, may be difficult or delayed from peers. In this process, negative experiences such as not being able to understand what the child is going to experience and not being able to communicate with the people around him at the desired level may cause him to avoid communication and avoid talking. All these can negatively affect the child's life academically, socially and psychologically.” warned.

Hazel Ezgi Dündar, who stated that while many of the aforementioned language and speech disorders are unique in themselves, their degrees and courses can progress differently from individual to individual, "Therefore, their effects on academic success will also be different in any case. The child, who cannot reach the same level with his peers in terms of language development, will have difficulty in building his school skills on top of his existing skills, and as a result, he will not show interest in the school environment and lessons, avoid social relations and communication, show negative behaviors as a result of having difficulty in managing his emotions due to the feeling of inadequacy, in the classroom environment. He will also be at risk for other damaging situations, such as avoiding performance, being too angry or too introverted.” she said.

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist Hazel Ezgi Dündar emphasized that it is very important for the child to be carefully observed by the parents at every developmental stage and area, and concluded her words as follows:

“If parents realize that their children are not progressing in the same way as their peers in terms of language and speech in this process, they should act supportive and should not try to make the child solve this problem by constantly warning or forcing. Because at this point, the child may not be aware of how to cope with language and speech disorders and why he or she is warned, and this may negatively affect both the child-parent relationship and the child's psychological state. For this reason, waiting for the situation to improve over time, by warning or by the suggestions of those who are not experts in the subject, can prepare the ground for many negative experiences and their effects on academic success. If there is a language and speech disorder that is noticed for this and many similar reasons, it is very important for children to take a step towards a solution in order to be protected from all these negative situations by applying to a speech and language therapist.”

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