Amusement Marathon at Land Of Moa Begins September 24

Land Of Moada Leisure Marathon Begins in September
Amusement Marathon at Land Of Moa Begins September 24

Turkey's largest independent children's and entertainment center Land Of Moa is getting ready to open its doors on Saturday, September 24 in Alsancak.

Land Of Moa General Manager Osman Genç said that Land Of Moa, established on an area of ​​6 thousand square meters, will bring together everyone from toddlers who can't get enough of fun.

Young stated that they have made an important investment for children who live in houses and between cramped buildings due to today's living conditions, and who spend their time in front of the screen instead of spending time on the streets as before.


Stating that Land of Moa was specially designed by him to develop children's mental and motor skills, Osman Genç said, “We brought a concept to our country, examples of which we have seen in Europe and Canada. We are building Turkey's largest independent children's and youth entertainment center in Alsancak. In the light of my years of experience in the industry, my team and I have established an important entertainment center. Here, children will form teams, socialize and make new friends; They will also make significant gains physically.”


Saying that children and their families await different toys, activities and surprises at Land Of Moa, Genç gave the following information: “There are entertainment opportunities in different concepts suitable for all age groups in Land Of Moa. We have an environment where a thousand children can play at the same time. Children will have fun safely under the supervision of their elder sisters. Families will also watch them on the screens. There are separate playgrounds for 0-4 years old, and different playgrounds for 4-12 years old. We have 4 separate mini football and basketball courts for families to spend time with their children. We have coin operated toys, trampolines, function rooms for special occasions, and a stage and event area for concerts and theaters. In addition, a specially designed toy called Volkan has a pool of 200 thousand. This toy is filled with balls by children and explodes at regular intervals, giving them incredible hours. The 800 square meter trampoline area, the ninja course where you race against time, and the Airbag where you can float in the air will make the children have a day they will never forget.”


Stating that they were inspired by the Moa bird, which is considered the ancestor of birds, while creating the Land Of Moa brand, which aims to be the ancestor of playgrounds, and at the same time, the brand name was inspired by the initials of the words Adventure, Game, Activity, Osman Genç continued: “Healthy food for children. We will host our families in our cafe area with our rich menu, which also includes a wide range of options. Entry will be with a card and will continue unlimited from 09.00:21.00 to 24:XNUMX. We also have valet service and parking area. While designing Land Of Moa, we also considered our disabled guests. We have designed board games where a guest sitting in a wheelchair can play comfortably. We will also bring the 'Barrier-Free Play Area' to our guests so that games and entertainment are unhindered. We will present all this entertainment to the people of Izmir on September XNUMX. We are waiting you all"

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