Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan to be Created with Urban Partnership

Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan to be Created with Urban Partnership
Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan to be Created with Urban Partnership

📩 27/09/2022 12:37

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will hold the Sustainable Urban Transport Plan (SKUP) Opening Ceremony and Information Meeting on Wednesday, September 28 at 10.00:2014 at Kocaeli Congress Center. In the program, the study called Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan (SKUP Kocaeli), which was signed under the Transport Sectoral Operational Program in the second term of the pre-accession financial aid provided by the European Union to the candidate countries, covering the years 2020-XNUMX, will be introduced.


An important event will be hosted to facilitate the economic, social development and integration of our country and Kocaeli into the European Union through a competitive, accessible and sustainable transportation system in accordance with European Union standards. The project and the Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan (SKUP Kocaeli) will be introduced with the organization to be held on Wednesday at the Kocaeli Congress Center.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started the "Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan (SKUP Kocaeli)" studies to ensure integration with the Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared to solve the bottlenecks in our city due to the increasing population, challenging topography, high vehicle ownership and geopolitical location, and to develop a human-oriented planning approach. . In this context, it is aimed to support the Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan and to prepare a Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan in line with human and access-oriented environmental principles.


Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Transport Plan, which will last for 24 months, will focus on basic needs that will increase the quality of human life, such as creating a sustainable, fair, accessible, integrated and inclusive transportation system, reducing traffic volumes and congestion by reducing automobile dependency, and increasing pedestrian and bicycle transportation.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will make the Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan together with citizens, NGOs and professional chambers. To create a culture of shared decision making in the city, to increase the quality of transportation infrastructure and services by ensuring that all segments of the society are represented, to reduce the need for individual vehicle transportation, to reduce the impact on the environment and to reduce energy consumption in transportation activities; Among the project objectives are to provide a high level of accessibility and to provide access to transportation infrastructures and services for all users.


With the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Sustainable Urban Transport Plan, the first goal is to involve stakeholders and citizens in the process at a high level of participation. Analyzing the planning practices and legal situation with the project, analyzing the mobility situation of Kocaeli, defining the common vision, goals and objectives for Kocaeli, strengthening the personnel capacity within the scope of the project, managing the project with publicity and visibility activities for raising public awareness, reducing traffic congestion and helping our citizens. Solution proposals will be sought for issues such as increasing the opportunity to reach the needs of people, reducing air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, creating low emission zones, defining management policies, ensuring high accessibility, improving the time and conditions in transportation and increasing the quality of life of our citizens.


The Opening Ceremony and Information Meeting of the Sustainable Urban Transportation Plan will be held on Wednesday, September 28 at Kocaeli Congress Center, together with the stakeholders who will play the most active role in this project, which is jointly carried out with the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and covers the entire section of Kocaeli.

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