Kadıköy Cartoon Festival Begins at Yoghurtçu Park

Kadikoy Cartoon Festival Starts in Yogurtcu Park
Kadıköy Cartoon Festival Begins at Yoghurtçu Park

📩 20/09/2022 13:01

Kadıköy Cartoon Festival, on September 23 Kadıköy It starts at Yoghurtçu Park. The festival will continue until September 25 with colorful events, from artist talks to lively drawings, from exhibitions to auctions.

Kadıköy The Cartoon Festival, organized by the Municipality, will take place free of charge in Yoğurtçu Park between September 23-25. In the festival, where nearly 30 publishing houses and institutions will participate, the stands will be waiting for their visitors between 13.00 and 21.00 for three days.

The Festival will be held on Friday, September 23 at the “Illustrator's Guide to Survival – Module 5: Contract Necessary, But How?” It will begin with an interview. At the event at 18.00:21.00, Atty. Haluk Inanici, Atty. After the speeches by Ceren Kupeli and Nurgül Şenefe, it will end with the movie "Dune: Planet of the Desert" at 14.00:18.00. The second day's program includes the animation selection of Maltepe University Cartoon and Animation Department Student Films at 19.30:21.00. The program will also feature many live drawing activities throughout the day. Organized by the Child and Youth Publishing Association, Ayşe Türemiş, Oytun İdil, Zeynep Alparslan will be the speakers, and the talk titled “Our Life is Comics” will take place at XNUMX under the moderation of Ümit Kireççi. The last interview of the second day will be made by Devrim Kunter and Suat Duman. The talk will be at XNUMX with the theme of “Comics and Detectives”. Drawing and painting workshops, which will last all day, will end with a colorful animation show called “Your Name” at XNUMX.

comic book auction

On the last day of the festival, an animation selection consisting of the films of Maltepe University Cartoon and Animation Department students is presented to cartoon lovers at 14.00. There will be a live drawing activity by Özgür Yıldırım at 15.00. The festival, which will host the signing day of many cartoonists, will also have an auction. Altan Biçen, Güngör Uzun and Hüsnü Çoruk will make the presentations at the auction to be held between 15.00 and 18.00 by the Comic Book Readers Association, and Emre Demirkol will be the moderator. Önder Çakı will moderate the talk titled “The Collection of an Otakun (Japanese term for people with a special interest in anime/manga)” to be held by the Comic Book Readers Association at 16.00. Ahsen Özakkaş will attend as a speaker. “The Drawer” at 17.00 SohbetBurak Şentürk and Emrah Ablak will be in the first. The talk organized by Maltepe University Cartoon and Animation Department, where the past, present and future of animation is discussed, is at 18.00. The speakers of the talk were Ateş Benice (Animator – Director), Dr. Instructor Member Emre Zengineken (MAU ÇFA), Hüseyin Bulut (Animator – Director), Assoc. Dr. Müjgan Yıldırım (MAU ÇFA Department Head) and Prof. Dr. Selçuk Hünerli (Istanbul University Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies). In the last conversation of the day, the relationship between tattoo and illustration will be discussed. Esra Kürtür, Venus Ezgi Kurtoğlu and İlyas Algin will be speakers on the theme of “The Flow of Art in the Body”, which will be held by the Illustrators Platform at 19.30 under the moderation of Nurgül Şenefe. The last day of the festival will close with the screening of the movie “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse Madness” at 21.00:XNUMX.

Workshops for adults and children

During the festival, workshops on topics such as creative drawing, collage and recycling will be held for adults and children. Registration for the workshops, which is limited to 10 people, will be held at the stands.

Kadıköy The Cartoon Festival will host three exhibitions

“Those Who Keep Comics Alive” exhibition organized by the Comic Book Readers Association, and “City, Life, Istanbul” exhibition organized by the Illustrators Platform will be held in memory of Latif Demirci, the master cartoonist who passed away 3 months ago, prepared by the Cartoonists Association. “Latif Exhibition” will be waiting for its visitors throughout the festival.

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