Thanks to These Efforts, İzmir Received the European Award

Izmir Received the European Award Thanks to These Cabas
Thanks to These Efforts, İzmir Received the European Award

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Chairman of the Republican People's Party, inaugurated the İzTransformation Packaging Waste Collection and Separation Facility, which was established by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Kılıçdaroğlu said, “The step taken by our Mayor Tunç Bey is extremely valuable. A heartfelt thank you to the mayor of the city. As a result of these efforts, İzmir received the European Award.”

IzConversion Packaging Waste Collection and Separation Facility, which was established in Konak by the municipality's subsidiary İzDoğa, to sort packaging wastes by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its activities with the goal of a sustainable city, was opened with a ceremony today. The President of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and his wife Selvi Kılıçdaroğlu, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, attended the ceremony. Tunç Soyer, CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel, CHP administrators, deputies, provincial and district mayors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, headmen, city council members, representatives of political parties, facility workers and citizens attended.

Kilicdaroglu:Tunç Soyer made a great investment”

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu emphasized the importance of the IzTransformation project, which enables the citizens who are trying to make their living on the street from garbage under more humane conditions, and said, “I have always wanted to protect these people and organize them. They should also have rights. They work, they sweat. They will be old tomorrow, they must be included in the social security system. He or his family will get sick. They will need to go to the doctor. I also know that healthcare expenses are very expensive. They need to live as dignified individuals in society. It has to be fought for. This is an old facility. Minister Tunç Soyer He bought this place first, made a big investment. He then reassured many people who brought garbage, paper, cardboard, plastic there. Municipality means the institution that delivers the rights and laws of every citizen living in that town. That's the city's job," he said.

“I stand with those who deserve their sweat”

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu continued his words as follows: “The whole world now knows, we all know that many things that we throw out as garbage and that we do not use are actually wealth. While bringing this wealth back to the economy, the human element should not be ignored. I'm not a man of gangs of five. I'm on the side of those who shed sweat. I never accept an economic order in which everyone is fed, the poor are oppressed, and large resources are transferred to the wealthy. The basis of what you call the social state is the satisfaction of everyone. We are fighting this. The step taken by our Mayor, Tunç Bey, in this context is extremely valuable.”

“A heartfelt thank you to my president”

Addressing the facility employees who have switched to a system with insurance, working hours and permits thanks to the IzTransformation project, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Of course, your children have expectations from you. Of course they will want cell phone, tablets, better lifestyle. They will also want to take a vacation. This facility is extremely valuable to me as it also reconstructs an understanding. It is of course one of the goals of our mayor to see you here in peace and to ensure that you return home in peace in the evening. The municipality is obliged not only to build the street and park of the town, but also to ensure the peace of the people living in that town. We have to build a Turkey where no child goes to bed hungry. Together, we will have crowned this struggle with success. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. As a result of these efforts, Izmir received the European Award," he said.

Soyer: “We are ending the concept of 'garbage' in İzmir”

Expressing that they want to establish a life in harmony, President Tunç Soyer On the other hand, “We are growing İzmir not as a concrete pile cut off from the cycles of nature, but as a part of the ecosystem. We are working for a city where nature can penetrate into the city and citizens can penetrate nature through green corridors, which is resistant to disasters and, perhaps most importantly, with a planned waste management. IzConversion Packaging Waste Collection and Separation Facility, which we opened today, is a very important step we have taken in this direction. This opening is a milestone in our goal of being a circular city in harmony with nature. With our IzTransformation project, we put an end to the concept of 'garbage' in Izmir. We recycle waste into the economy. Our IzTransformation project has a social dimension that makes us all proud, as well as its economic and ecological dimension. We started to employ our street collector brothers in order to provide the workforce to perform the sorting process. We not only provide them with jobs, but also save them from having to litter their entire lives. We offer better economic conditions, a high quality life and healthy working conditions.”

“I would like to thank Kılıçdaroğlu endlessly”

President Soyer thanked Kılıçdaroğlu and said: “As we enter the second century of the Republic, we look to the future with hope from İzmir. We are committed to transforming life for the better. We know that change is in our hands. I would like to thank our President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who did not leave us alone in every step we took to solve the fundamental problems of our citizens and change the world for the better. I want you to know that we stand by your struggle to build a stronger Turkey at all times and under all circumstances.”

President Kılıçdaroğlu and President Soyer visited the facility with the accompanying delegation and received information.

IzTransformation project started in four districts

Within the scope of the IzTransformation project, packaging wastes from many different areas such as residences, public institutions, hospitals and markets are collected from the source with waste collection vehicles. The collected wastes are conveyed to the İzTransformation facility. The facility has a packaging waste sorting track with a daily capacity of 420 tons. Waste separated here is included in the recycling ring.

The project initially distributed 800 waste collection boxes. Karşıyakawas launched in Karabağlar, Buca and Narlıdere. By increasing the number of waste collection boxes and vehicles, it is aimed to expand the İzTransformation project throughout İzmir. With the project, it provides the opportunity for citizens who are trying to make a living from garbage on the street under difficult conditions, to be employed in more humane conditions. Citizens who earn their living from garbage work under much more hygienic conditions in a system where their insurance has working hours and permits.

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