İzmir Prepares to Host the U19 World Beach Volleyball Championship

Izmir U Prepares to Host the World Beach Volleyball Championship
İzmir Prepares to Host the U19 World Beach Volleyball Championship

The Under-14 World Beach Volleyball Championship will be held between 18-19 September in Izmir, which hosts important sports events around the world. Speaking at the introductory meeting of the championship, where 44 teams and 102 athletes from 204 countries will meet in Dikili, President Soyer said, “Izmir has a lot more to offer to the world. We will continue to aspire to world championships.”

Dikili district of İzmir will host the Under-19 World Beach Volleyball Championship, which was held in Phuket Island in Thailand, Porto in Portugal, Nanjing in China and Acapulco in Mexico. The U44 Beach Volleyball World Championship, where 102 teams and 204 athletes from 19 countries will meet, was introduced at Kültürpark. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor to promote the championship to be held by Southwest Sports (SWS) in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Dikili Municipality, Turkish Volleyball Federation and International Volleyball Federation. Tunç Soyer, Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz, İzmir Amateur Clubs Federation President Efkan Muhtar, former national athlete SWS Organization Chairman Gürsel Yeşiltaş, Turkish Volleyball Federation Board Member Metin Mengüç, International Volleyball Federation Technical Delegate Joep Van Lersel, Turkish Volleyball Federation İzmir Provincial Representative Hakan Gürsu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, team players, coaches and athletes.

Soyer: “Our bar will be higher”

Stating that such organizations stimulate urban tourism, the President Tunç Soyer, saying that they are excited, “Izmir has a lot more to offer to the world. We will continue to aspire to world championships. Because we have hundreds of kilometers of coast. These beaches pave the way for our children, who are successful in volleyball and football, to be more successful than grass fields and halls. Because it is very difficult to play on the beach, it is not like a field or a hall. Our bar will be higher. I don't doubt that. Our young people will achieve greater success,” he said.

We will build a pool like no other in Turkey

President Soyer stated that they will bring a large swimming pool to İzmir and said: “The project has been completed, it has come to the tender processes. We will do great work. We want to host more tournaments, organizations and competitions with great enthusiasm, but this enthusiasm will remain in the air if there are no facilities. There are not enough facilities in Izmir. The need is great, we have no other choice but to go after it. Desire for success and building, it's not possible. We have to multiply our facilities. The more we multiply, the more fruit we will collect.”
Hakan Orhunbilge, Head of Youth and Sports Services Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the pool mentioned by Minister Soyer. Orhunbilge said, “The facility we will build in Kemer is a unique pool in Turkey, where there are both Olympic, semi-Olympic and flutter pools.”

Mengüç: “Such a world championship suits İzmir”

Metin Mengüç, Member of the Board of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, said, “Everything suits İzmir. Such a world championship suits İzmir. I believe that beach volleyball is done in the best way all over Turkey, but İzmir is different.”

Kırgöz: “It will develop further”

Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz said, “I am very excited, proud, happy. We used to see such organizations on the shores of the Mediterranean. But at this point, the beaches of Izmir are also very suitable for this sport and have a great potential. Beach sports are developing and will develop further with the appointment of our President Tunç.”

Yeşiltaş: “It shows that we are walking towards our goal very well”

Former national athlete SWS Organization Board Chairman Gürsel Yeşiltaş said, “I am proud to organize this organization in the centennial year of our city. We have gained two facilities in Dikili where we can hold the biggest organizations. Hundreds of people play beach volleyball there. It shows that we are walking towards our goal very well.”

Lersel: “I hope Turkish teams will get successful results”

International Volleyball Federation Technical Delegate Joep Van Lersel said, “I hope Turkish teams will get successful results. Organization will be fine. I wish a championship without injury," he said.

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