İzmir City Theaters Will Say Hello to the Season with New Plays

Izmir City Theaters Will Say Hello to the Season with New Plays
İzmir City Theaters Will Say Hello to the Season with New Plays

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters will say "hello" to the season with new plays that will appeal to audiences of all ages in October. İzBBŞT will stage its plays at İzmir City Theater İsmet İnönü Stage.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerİzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (İzBBŞT), which was founded in line with the vision of making İzmir a city of culture and arts, and whose General Artistic Director is Yücel Erten, will say "hello" to the new season on October 6th. IzBBŞT, which will meet the audience with 6 plays, 10 of which are new, with the slogan "The stage is ours, the theater is yours", will perform its plays at the İzmir City Theater İsmet İnönü Stage in Kültürpark, equipped with the latest acoustic, sound, light, image and stage mechanics systems.

The first new game is on November 10

The new season of the City Theaters will open with the plays "Azizname", "Purple Shalwar", "A Disaster Celebration, Rabbit Tavşanoğlu" and "Robinson Learns to Dance", which started to be staged last year. The first new game of the season will be "My Humble Body". Written and directed by Yücel Erten and about the assassination of İzmir, which was attempted to be carried out against Atatürk, “My Humble Body” will meet with the audience on the 10th of November, the anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's death. With the new games, 10 games will be included in IzBBŞT's repertoire.

New games will be spread throughout the season

In the 2022-2023 theater season, the plays that will be enjoyed by spectators of all ages will meet with the audience. IzBBŞT will call the play "Spring Point", written by William Shakespeare in November and sung in Turkish by Can Yücel, as 'curtain'. In January, the play “3 Nalla 1 Horse” directed by Hatice Altan, written by Stefan Tsanev, will premiere. In March, the play "Deli Dumrul", written by Güngör Dilmen, will be presented to the audience under the direction of Yücel Erten. Not forgetting the children in the new season, IzBBŞT will also premiere the children's play “The School of Fools”, written by Friedrich Karl Waechter and directed by Burak Şentürk. City Theaters will start the screening of the play “The Passenger” written by Nazım Hikmet and directed by Orhan Alkaya in June.

Tickets for all the plays will be sold at the box office at İzmir City Theater İsmet İnönü Stage and Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center and on the website kultursanat.izmir.bel.tr.

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