What is a Business Analyst, What Does He Do, How to Become? Business Analyst Salaries 2022

What is a Business Analyst What Does a Job Do How to Become a Business Analyst Salary
What is a Business Analyst, What Does It Do, How to Become a Business Analyst Salary 2022

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Business analyst; It carries out the activities of evaluating the business processes of the institutions, foreseeing the requirements, revealing the improvement areas and producing solutions. It identifies the needs of a project or program and communicates them to managers and partners. It works to develop technical solutions to business problems or to advance the company's sales efforts.

What Does a Business Analyst Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The responsibilities of the business analyst, who creates the bridge between business and information technologies, are as follows;

  • To determine operational goals and gather information by examining business functions,
  • Creating workflow charts and diagrams,
  • Developing systems and designing changes by examining existing applications,
  • Creating the project team and budget,
  • Knowledge of advances in information technology to automate and modernize systems.
  • Solving project problems and publishing progress reports,
  • Preparing technical reports by collecting and analyzing information and trends,
  • Making meetings and presentations to share ideas and analysis,
  • To plan and coordinate the development of primary and secondary market research studies to support strategic planning and special marketing initiatives,
  • Provide supervision of various areas, including operations, procurement, inventory, distribution and facilities.
  • Working in close contact with the customer, technicians and management staff,
  • Monitoring the delivered products and ensuring that the projects are completed on time.

How to Become a Business Analyst?

Universities providing four-year education; It is necessary to graduate from Computer, Mathematics, Industrial and Business Engineering, Management Information Systems or Statistics departments.

Business Analyst Must Have Qualities

  • Having the ability to think analytically,
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce solutions in the face of problems,
  • Having mathematical skills
  • Demonstrate planning and organizational skills
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills,
  • Demonstrate an inclination to teamwork,
  • To have knowledge about the methodology and methods used in business analysis processes,
  • Demonstrate careful and detailed working skills.

Business Analyst Salaries 2022

As Business Analyst progresses in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 5.500 TL, the average 10.070 TL, the highest 17.690 TL.

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