Cooperation in Construction Enlarges Both the Industry and İzmir

Insaattaguc Union Grows Both the Industry and the Izmir
Cooperation in Construction Enlarges Both the Industry and İzmir

📩 18/09/2022 12:31

Bornova and Bayraklı Caner Tan, President of the Contractors and Businessmen's Association (BOMİAD), drew attention to the importance of professional organization and union of forces in order to realize larger goals in the sector.

Stating that they have nearly 250 members as an association and that they want to increase this number to a thousand, Caner Tan said that their aim is to implement larger-scale projects with clustering in the sector as well as individual efforts.

It is stated that there are approximately 8 thousand construction companies registered with the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and that about 200 of them are in Bornova and BayraklıEmphasizing that they have an important business volume and potential as a sector, Tan said, “Due to inflation, construction input costs and land costs have increased a lot. The inadequacy in housing loans also pushed the sector into a bottleneck. On the other hand, there is a need for 800 new housing units every year in our country. So despite the supply, the demand continues. As an association, we closely follow the problems experienced. We meet under the umbrella of the association and work to find solutions to the problems we experience before the municipalities and the ministry. There is still a lot of work to be done in the housing sector in Izmir. Joining forces in construction enlarges both the industry and İzmir. It is also possible to reach a significant commercial volume with new collaborations.”


Bornova and Bayraklı Noting that the districts of İzmir have an important place in the construction sector and that the region is in demand both in terms of office and housing, Tan said, “As BOMİAD, our priority is to strengthen the cohesion and cooperation among the members. No one can handle a 10-ton load alone. But 100 people can easily get up. This union of forces will provide an advantage to companies in dividing costs and doing business. It is possible for them to do large-scale jobs together that they cannot do alone. We saw good examples of this all together in Izmir. As BOMİAD, we would like to include different business lines, such as joinery, ceramics and aluminum, working in the construction industry, as well as contracting companies. We will keep the communication of the industry up to date through channels such as the website and WhatsApp groups. We will carry out sectoral activities together," he said.


Expressing that Turkey needs to make changes in the implementation of the same Zoning Law, Caner Tan continued his words as follows: “There are different housing needs in different regions in our country, both geographically and culturally. However, a single zoning law applied does not coincide with different local dynamics. In İzmir, different decisions can be made in different districts on the same issue. It is important to bring equal conditions to create an equal opportunity here. In other words, similar applications should be made for similar situations. As sector representatives, we want us to have a say in the laws to be made. We, the contractors, who are experiencing the problems of the sector personally, want to be consulted when the law is enacted. We also want to offer our solutions for the beautification of cities for the benefit of society. Another important issue is urban renewal. It is very difficult to find land in İzmir, especially in the city center. It's also very costly. For this reason, it is necessary to facilitate the transformation on an island basis with social reinforcement areas and landscaping. Here, it is very important to implement a model for the benefit of both apartment owners and contractors.”

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