Eren Blockade-37 Operation Started in Hakkari

Eren Blockade Operation Started in Hakkari
Eren Blockade-37 Operation Started in Hakkari

📩 15/09/2022 14:08

In Hakkari, “Eren Blockade-37 (Hakkari-Kazan Valley/Han Plateau) Martyr J.Asb.Çvş. Aydın Güleken operation was launched.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Interior, Eren Blockade-37 (Hakkari-Kazan Valley/Han Plateau) Martyr J.Asb.Çvş. Operation Aydın Güleken was launched.

In the operation, under the direction and administration of Hakkari Provincial Gendarmerie Command; A total of 610 personnel and 38 operational teams, consisting of Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations, Police Special Operations and Security Guard teams, take part.

On the first day of the operation; The main weapon and ammunition depot of BTO, which was located in the rural area of ​​Kazan Valley/Han Plateau in Hakkari-Çukurca district, was seized.

In the search made in the main warehouse and 1 shelter;

  •  1 Mortar gun with 121 mm diameter,
  •  1 14.5 mm diameter Doçka Gun,
  •  1 12.7 mm anti-aircraft gun,
  •  2 PKM Bixi Machine gun,
  •  76 Kalashnikov rifle,
  •  88 Grenade,
  •  15 mortar ammunition,
  •  80 thousand units 7.62mm Bixi ammunition,
  •  50 thousand units Kalashnikov Rifle ammunition,
  •  5 14.5 mm diameter Doçka ammunition,
  •  3300 12.7 mm anti-aircraft ammunition,
  •  4 Antitank Rocket ammunition,
  •  1 Doçka Spare Barrel,
  •  88 grenade,
  •  210 Kalashnikov magazine,
  •  3 Rocket dispatch ammunition,
  •  100 swimsuit,
  •  4 kg. handmade explosives,
  •  3 remote-controlled explosive device,
  •  150 electric detonator,
  •  23 kg. food was seized. During the operation, the cave/shelter and the warehouse were destroyed and rendered unusable.
carried out for the complete eradication of terrorism in the country. EREN Blockade Operations, with the support of our people ve determined continues with success somehow.

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