Green Hydrogen Production from ASPİLSAN Energy and XGEN

Green Hydrogen Production from ASPILSAN Energy and XGEN
Green Hydrogen Production from ASPİLSAN Energy and XGEN

ASPİLSAN Energy and XGEN to Realize “Green Hydrogen Generation Energized with Innovative Small Scale Wind Turbine” Project with the Support of İzmir Development Agency within the scope of Green and Blue Transformation Program

The project application made in partnership with ASPİLSAN Energy and XGEN Energy for the Green and Blue Transformation Program, which was called by İzmir Development Agency, was approved. The project, in which clean hydrogen will be obtained with domestic solutions, will last for 18 months.

ASPİLSAN Energy is meeting with young people with its new generation products at TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival organized with the partnership of institutions and organizations that have a critical importance in the development of national technology in our country, which set out to realize the National Technology Move of our country.

ASPİLSAN Energy is waiting for all young people who want to break new ground in the technologies of the future at TEKNOFEST, which aims to raise awareness of technology and science in the whole society and to increase the human resources trained in the fields of science and engineering in Turkey.

Due to the increasing population, technological developments and rising living standards, there is a very serious increase in energy demand, which causes an increase in energy production capacities. Considering that approximately 2% of all CO75 emissions in the world originate from the energy sector, every step that will lead the energy sector to decarbonization is very valuable and essential.

Making a statement about the project that will enable the development of hydrogen with national technologies, Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, said: “Providing the produced hydrogen from an electrolyzer fed with renewable energy sources based on domestic and national technologies is very important for the transition to the concept of green hydrogen. This project will enable the generation of hydrogen, one of the strategic energy carriers of the future, by means of an electrolyzer, which is energized by a vertical axis wind turbine developed with national technologies and also developed with national engineering. In this way, the financial support of the Izmir Development Agency, which continues its work under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, is necessary for the harmonization of the strategic technologies developed by ASPİLSAN Energy and XGEN Energy, as well as for increasing and disseminating the national knowledge in each company and at the same time training qualified personnel in this field. will be provided with

In this project, which is seen as a strategic step in the transition to high-capacity products to be developed as the pioneer of future projects, the 2 kW domestic PEM electrolyzer to be developed by ASPİLSAN Energy and the domestic vertical axis wind turbine to be developed by XGEN Energy will be installed on a campus land in Izmir and will be located here at high capacity. pure (99,999%) green hydrogen will be obtained.

We Will Obtain Clean Hydrogen with Innovative Focused Domestic Solutions

The project, which we will obtain clean hydrogen from renewable energy sources, which are in an extremely important position in clean energy transformation, with domestic solutions with the support of Izmir Development Agency, will last for 18 months.

ASPİLSAN Energy aims to produce the electrolyzer, which is one of the most important components of green hydrogen production, which has an increasing demand both at home and abroad. Within the scope of this project, a module of 2 kW level, which has not yet been produced commercially in our country, will be created. Providing the energy input of the electrolyzer from renewable energy sources is essential for the hydrogen obtained to be classified as "green" hydrogen. In order to achieve this, the domestic vertical axis wind turbine (WIND-ER) system, which will be supported by solar panels and developed by XGEN Energy, will be integrated with the electrolyzer system. Thanks to the quiet operation of WIND-ER wind turbines and their ability to be used in the city, it will be an innovative approach that will expand the use of electrolyzer systems integrated with renewable energy sources in the city.

Project; It will proceed with systematic R&D project steps in line with preliminary studies, design development, prototype production and testing activities and final improvements. The project output product or products will not only ensure the effective use of the country's renewable resources, but also support the domestic development of strategically important technologies for the development of competitive products and services in the green hydrogen sector, which is rapidly developing in the global energy market. In this context, we would like to thank Izmir Development Agency for their project support.

All of these are important on the way to our 2053 decarbonisation targets in the Paris Climate Agreement, which our country has also recently signed. “

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