Future Cup 2022 Tournament Registrations Started

Future Cup Tournament Registration Has Started
Future Cup 2022 Tournament Registrations Started

Turkey's technology brand Casper is launching another tournament with a prize pool of 155 thousand TL that excites the players. Future Cup 2022, sponsored by MediaMarkt and Microsoft, will be organized for the CS: GO game, which is a fan of every gamer from amateur to professionals. As the registrations for the tournament begin, the qualifying matches will take place on September 23 and the final matches will take place on September 30.

The CS:GO game, the arena of legendary matches where gamers make a mess of the dust, the numbers won by hitting "Head Shot" or all opponents are erased from the field by "Ace", returns with a big tournament. The registration process of the Future Cup 155 Tournament, which has a prize pool of 2022 thousand TL organized by Casper Excalibur, Intel, MediaMarkt and Microsoft, has also started. In the tournament where the qualifying matches will be played on September 23, the finals will be broadcast live on the channel of popular Twitch broadcaster Mert “RRaenee” Yılmaz on September 30.

Challenging challenges await players for a prize pool of 155 Thousand TL

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, one of the most played and followed games in the e-sports world, says hello to gamers this time with an award-winning tournament with Casper Excalibur. The prize pool of the Future Cup 2 Tournament, in which teams of 2022 started the registration process, is also at a level that will please the players. In the tournament, where 60 TL for the winner, 40 TL for the second, and 20 thousand TL for the third will be distributed, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth teams will be given 7 thousand TL each. In the tournament, where the teams will compete on the “Short Dust, Short Nuke and Inferno” maps, matches will be played with the 2v2 bomb setting mode. While the matches are played over 16 rounds, the team that wins 9 rounds will be deemed the winner. Qualifying battles will be played in Bo1 format, where the winner of 1 map will advance to the next round, and the final matches will be played in Bo3 format, in which the winner of 2 maps from the matches played on a maximum of 3 maps will win the fight.

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