From Gebze to Istanbul by Metro

From Gebze to Istanbul by Metro
From Gebze to Istanbul by Metro

AK Party Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker examined the metro line to be built between Darıca-Gebze OIZ, where construction works are continuing rapidly and significant progress has been achieved. Şeker said that 330 thousand people will benefit from the metro after the launch.

AK Party Kocaeli Deputy, GNAT Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport and Tourism Commission Member İlyas Şeker visited the construction sites of Darıca-Gebze OSB Metro, which is under construction by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and received information about the works. During the visit made by Şeker, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Gebze-Darıca Metro Project Supervisor Murat Canbal, AK Party Gebze District President Recep Kaya, accompanying delegation and project officials were accompanied.


Şeker continued his words as follows; “The Gebze-Darıca Metro Line will provide convenient and comfortable transportation service between the dense residential centers and industry in our Gebze and Darıca districts, and will create an effective rail system line on the north-south axis. The metro consists of two tubes, each tube of which is 15,4 kilometers and a total length of 30,8 kilometers. There are 11 stations, a warehouse and a control center on these lines. About 27,3 kilometers have been opened so far. When its construction is completed, 330 thousand passengers will benefit daily. The metro is planned to go from one end to the other in exactly 22 minutes.


During the construction of the subway, all precautions are taken to avoid any structural deformation, and geological monitoring is carried out. Around 20 thousand people are employed directly and indirectly in the construction of this project. In the 1st Stage, which is between Gebze Garage and OSB Portal, test drives are planned to be held in the first quarter of next year.


The nationality rate in the project is 87 percent, based on the materials included in the contract and the engineering service provided within the scope of the subway tender. The localization rate of the electronic engineering service provided in the project is 100 percent. This is the first and only in Turkey. The locality rate of this project, which was carried out in our province under the leadership of our President, is very pleasing.”


After the completion of the Darıca-Gebze OSB Metro line, Şeker said that they are making project preparations from Gebze to Istanbul, and said, “After the Gebze-Darıca Metro is put into service, this metro line will be extended to Sabiha Gökçen in the 2nd phase, and it will be integrated with the Istanbul metro. Our citizens will be able to go directly from Gebze to Istanbul by metro without using rubber-wheeled transportation vehicles. Our citizens deserve more of these services, and we will continue to serve our beloved nation. I would like to thank our President and Minister for making the decision to make these investments in our province. I would like to thank every individual who contributed to the project and its construction.”

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