First Hydrogen Trains in India

ballard hydrogen train
ballard hydrogen train

Ballard Power Systems' fuel cells will power India's first hydrogen trains, thanks to an order for a fuel cell module from Medha Servo Drives. Medha Servo Drives is a rail integrator contracted by Indian Railways to develop hydrogen powered trains as the first step towards the operator's net zero targets.

The two powered diesel-electric commuter trains will integrate eight 100 kW FCmove – HD+, Ballard's latest fuel cell technology. These fuel cells offer improved efficiency and power density compared to the company's previous generations.

India Hydrogen Train

FCmove HD+ is more than 100% compact and more than 40% lighter than Ballard's previous 30kW module. Fuel cell modules are expected to ship next year and trains are expected to enter service in 2024.

Indian Railways says this investment will not only reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by over 11 metric tons, but also have a payback of less than two years thanks to the cost of hydrogen, which is now less than diesel.

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