First Day of Schools in Istanbul Free Public Transportation

First Day of Schools in Istanbul Free Public Transportation
First Day of Schools in Istanbul Public Transportation Free

In order to start the new academic year in a healthy way, a series of measures were taken throughout Istanbul. On the first day of opening of schools, public transportation vehicles will provide free service between 06:00 and 14:00. School buses will be inspected and they will be able to use İSPARK parking lots free of charge. Traffic will be monitored by cameras and vehicles blocking the roads will be towed quickly. Police and municipal police forces will ensure the flow of traffic in front of the main street and school. Work on roads and construction sites will be carried out at night. Announcing that additional flights will be added to public transportation, IBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar invited Istanbulites to use public transportation vehicles, especially on Monday, September 12.

The 2022 – 2023 Academic Year will begin on Monday, September 12, 2022 across Istanbul and Turkey. Representatives of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and other public institutions held a meeting for the healthy start of the new education season. At the meeting held under the chairmanship of IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar at Yenikapı Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center, a series of precautions, especially traffic, were taken.


Explaining the measures taken, Can Akın Çağlar stated that on Monday, September 12, when schools will be opened in Istanbul, between 06:00 and 14:00, public transportation vehicles will provide free service and the flights will be increased, and said: We have taken all the necessary measures to start the year. Starting next week, we recommend that those who go to work by car and drop off their children to school with their private vehicles should use public transportation. Infrastructure, construction site and road works will not be carried out during peak hours of traffic, they will be shifted to the night.

Explaining that 2 million 934 thousand 155 students and 163 thousand 784 teachers will start the new academic year in 6.840 schools in Istanbul, 16 thousand service vehicles will go to traffic and carry 300 students, Çağlar said, “On the day the schools opened, Metro Istanbul and IETT will make 2.248 additional trips. It will carry approximately 500 thousand additional passengers. We wish our students, teachers and parents a peaceful and productive academic year.

Measures Taken

• In order not to experience any negativities in traffic on the day of the opening of the schools and during the following week. On Monday, September 12, 2022, between 06:00 and 14:00, public transportation vehicles (tickets included in the integration) will be free of charge.

• During the first 2 days when schools are opened, school busses will primarily benefit from ferryboats.

• On Monday, September 12, school bus vehicles will be able to park free of charge at 89 car parks of İSPARK A.Ş.

• It will organize and coordinate with relevant institutions and organizations for implementations.

• Parents will be able to benefit from services such as asking registered drivers and calculating school shuttle fees at

• Istanbul traffic will be monitored from urban cameras, and blocked arteries will be reported to the relevant units and resolved immediately.

• IMM inspection teams, civil traffic and municipal police teams will conduct coordinated inspections with mobile EDS vehicles.

• With the opening of schools, necessary information and guidance will be provided on the internet, mobile platforms and 'Variable Message Systems' in order to ensure the best functioning of the traffic flow.

• A 1-week 'I AM A SENSITIVE DRIVER' sign will be hung on the signal poles. 6.826 “Pedestrian First” symbols were applied at 2.850 level pedestrians and 1.115 level school crossings.

• Repair of signaling, urban traffic cameras and lane lines (especially horizontal-vertical signs at pedestrian crossings around schools) will be completed where deemed necessary before the schools are opened, and premark (horizontal marking) applications will be completed.

• Coordinated traffic control with district constables and police officers will be ensured by assigning a sufficient number of constables around the school during morning and evening rush hours.

•The infrastructure damaged due to the accidents will be immediately intervened and the necessary assistance will be provided to the police teams. İBB will keep 12 tow trucks ready to assist the security teams.

• It will be ensured that the continuation of essential works will be continued during the night shift. (between 22:00 and 05:00). There will be no daytime work at the construction sites during the week when schools are opened. All issues that would hinder traffic will be eliminated and work will be started gradually later. Existing works will be completed before the school opening day.

• İSKİ, İGDAŞ, AYEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, BEDAŞ etc., which carry out infrastructure works. It will be ensured that the studies are completed by the opening week of the academic term by communicating with the institutions in advance.

• Necessary convenience will be provided for the school bus vehicles to use the school grounds during loading and unloading of students and picking them up.

• By informing the schools, the students will get out of the vehicles and enter the school building under the control of the “School Passage Officers” consisting of Guidance Staff and Teachers.

• It will be ensured that the full addresses and contact information of the students who will use the shuttle will be kept by the shuttle drivers and announced to the parents.

• Public Transport Vehicle Usage Documents of school bus drivers will be checked at

• Necessary information will be provided to ensure that the vehicles, drivers and guide personnel that will be put into service work in accordance with the relevant legislation.

• Public Transport Vehicle Usage Documents of school bus drivers will be checked at Schools will be visited by IMM Teams and information will be provided, and brochures will be distributed to parents.

• Drivers who will use School Bus Vehicles will be tested by the Provincial Health Directorate for alcohol and stimulants. IMM and Provincial Health Directorate teams perform alcohol and stimulant tests on people who apply for a Public Transport Vehicle Usage Certificate. In this context, 192 thousand 392 drivers (taxi, minibus, shuttle, etc.) candidates have been tested so far. 7.823 of the people tested were positive and they were prevented from driving.

• It will be ensured that students are not transported above the transportation limit, students are not unloaded except at the drop-off points, and the sign 'SOLUTION CENTER ALO 153' will be posted on the shuttle vehicles.

• The open addresses, phone numbers, student capacities and information of the school principals of the schools will be sent to the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, the Provincial Police Department and the IMM Police Department.

• In order to carry out traffic, safety and public order services, the Gendarmerie will take measures with Traffic, Public Security Prevention Intervention, Crime Prevention and Research Patrols and in front of and near schools with sufficient numbers and personnel.

• Police, gendarmerie, IMM and district municipalities' constables will work in schools that are important in terms of Traffic Safety.

• Controls of School Bus Vehicles and Bus Drivers will be made in front of the school and on the road routes. Pirate service vehicles will not be allowed.

• In the 2022-2023 Education Period, information activities will be held in Schools and Traffic Education Parks for students.

• At least one week before the start of the academic year, the address and contact information of the students using the shuttle will be obtained from the school principals and the routes will be determined.

• Trainings will be organized for school bus drivers within the scope of the Transportation Academy.

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