Has Fatih Terim Documentary Published? What is the Subject of Fatih Terim Documentary? Where to Watch?

Is Fatih Terim Documentary Released? What is the Subject of Fatih Terim Documentary?
Has Fatih Terim Documentary Published? What is the Subject of Fatih Terim Documentary, Where to Watch?

Fatih Terim's documentary will meet its audience on Netflix. Focusing on the career and private life of the coach, who is seen among the legends of Turkish football history, the production has already taken its place on the agenda. So, when will the Fatih Terim documentary be released, what time is it? How many episodes is Fatih Terim's documentary?

Fatih Terim was published on Netflix on September 15th. The documentary, which met with its audience on Thursday, has already formed a large audience. The term documentary will consist of four parts. The script of the documentary will be written by Altuğ Gültan and the director will be Burak Aksoy.


“Football player, captain, teacher, father, grandfather, emperor… Fatih Terim, who has made a name for himself in the memories of different generations with his career that has spanned many years and marked the success of history, is told with his unknowns in Netflix's Terim documentary. Focusing on the years 1996-2022, the documentary conveys the successes that we all know very well, this time through the words of Fatih Terim”


Fatih Terim (born 4 September 1953, Adana) is a Turkish coach and former national football player who played in the defense position. He served as the coach of Galatasaray, one of the Super League teams, for many years.

Terim, whose father is Turkish Cypriot, started football in Ceyhanspor. Adana Demirspor, who moved to the 2st League as the champion in the Turkish 1nd League, attracted the attention of everyone with his game and transferred to Galatasaray the next season.

Terim, who plays football in Galatasaray, also assumed the captaincy of the team in Galatasaray. He became one of the most loved Galatasaray players of all time, thanks to his captaincy during his acting career at Galatasaray. He played 327 matches with Galatasaray jersey. Under the yellow and red jersey, he could not enjoy the league championship during his football career, but he won the Turkish Cup twice, the Prime Minister's Cup and the President's Cup once.

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