Eastern Express Wagon Derailed, Passengers Transported by Buses

Eastern Express Derailed Passengers Transported by Bus
Eastern Express Derailed, Passengers Transported by Buses

The second wagon of the Eastern Express, which set out to go from Ankara to Kars, remained on the road as a result of the derailment of the wagons in the Yerköy district of Yozgat.

The Eastern Express, which departed from the train station of Yerköy district of Yozgat at around 00.00 at night, was stranded on the road as a result of the derailment of the 2nd carriage in Caferli village of Şefaatli district a short time later. The Eastern express was pulled by another TCDD locomotive and brought back to Yerköy Train Station.

It was reported that the passengers of the Eastern Express, who were waiting at Yerköy Train Station for a short time, were taken to Kars, some by buses and some by train.

Governor Ziya Polat also came to Yerköy, got information from the authorities and talked to the passengers. sohbet and wished him well. Stating that all the needs of the passengers were met, Governor Polat said, “Tonight, our Eastern Express going from Ankara to Kars direction, 20 kilometers from Yerköy, an accident occurred due to the derailment of the 2nd Wagon. Thank God, we did not have any casualties, our TCDD teams are at the scene and continue their work. We pulled our train to Yerköy station. Information will come in half an hour whether the road will be opened or not. If we open the way, our normal course will continue. Otherwise, our buses are ready, and if not, all our dormitories are ready, we are happy to welcome all our passengers. All the opportunities of our state are with our citizens. Again get well soon." said.

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